Replacing DVD Drive 5045

Hi all

I have a Lite-on LVW 5045 GDL+ HD/DVD Recorder that is in need of a new dvd drive

Anyone know what will fit these.

Many thanks


If you are looking for an origional drive check ebay.

Here’s a few links. These drive will work in the 5045, not sure about the 5045 GDL

Hi all

Just a quick up-date

Tride 2 new Drives, a Sony DRU710A and a Lite-On LH-20A1P487C.

Both drives work well in my 5045.

Can now write to -RW as well as +RW discs now



Hi Paul,

Thanks for the info, it’s very reassuring to know that someone has tried a particular drive and that it works.

I’ve read elsewhere that you have to put the drive into a PC to lock it’s region code, did you have to do that and if so could you say a bit about how it’s done?

Also with your new drive(s) installed can you still play multi region DVDs - i.e. can the 5045 still be hacked to play all regions with the remote?


The LtnRPC can be used to set region free as well, and Book Type Utility can be used to set book type to DVD-ROM for +R as I did with my SHM-165P6S replacement. Both utilities have a link at

Hi grumpyoldman, do you mean Sony DRU170A? And if so, have you tried to fast-forward a commercial or burnt disc (other than rw) to see if FF works using these two drives, it’s been an issue with drives higher than Liteon 1693s. I know personaly that the Liteon 20AiP does not FF in an ILO HD04. Would be interested to know if the Sony 170 's FF works and many other users I’m sure.

OP posted Sony DRU710A (not DRU170A) which may be cross flashed to LiteOn 1653 according to post #20 at This likely means the freeze on FF will not be a problem since that preceeds post 1693 models.

thanks bevills1, I guess the word “new” through me off as the DRU170A are readily available at this time. Anyone tried the DRU170A as a replacement in a Liteon unit? would be a better question now !!! Let’s hope for a positive response.

In answer to some of your questions

Region free playing

Don’t know as I only have region 2 discs

Sony Drive model

It is a DRU710A, it was just one I had lying around.

Fast Forwarding

The Lite-On as you all know will not fast forward pressed discs

The Sony did fast forward pressed discs

Both drives burned to -RW as well as +RW

Both drives played and FF FR discs that had been burned by the burner without any problems.

As I only use this drive to burn TV recordings to DVD both these drives provide a total success over the Lite=Drive supplied which would only burn successfully to +R discs. It stopped writing to +RW discs