Replacing Audiofiles on PSXGames with your own music



I heard that it is possible to replace the audiofiles with music you like better. How can this be done? please let me in on the specifics.


This is something I have been meaning to try for a while. It should be possible using CDRWin, as it can extract Mode2 data tracks. On a CD like Wipeout, there is a single data track and a number of audio tracks. In theory, you should be able to relace the audio tracks, and then write the CD. Use the Record Disk function, and go to “Load Tracks”. Select CD+G, then load up the tracks. Note that audio tracks need to be in *.BIN format, not *.WAV. I haven’t actually tried this yet, but it should work. Note my cd-rom wouldn’t read Mode2 data without errors ocurring, but my writer had no problems reading the same data.

Hope this helps,