Replacing a laptop Sony DW-D56A with a NEC ND6550A

Can anyone help with the following:

About 3 months back I bought a Sony Vaio VGN-A417M laptop and within a couple of weeks the DW-D56A drive started playing up by refusing to recognize CDRs even though it seem to read DVDs reasonably well.

It seems that this is a very common problem which Sony aren’t eager to admit to and I’ve been advised to dump this drive and replace it with a NEC ND6650A or 6550A or 6500A

My question is - has anyone experience of a replacement using any of thes edrives in a Vaio and is it a relatively simple thing to do?
Unfortunately I’m working overseas and countries away from any laptop repair service so need to sort this mess out myself.

thanks in advance

Found from user review.
NEC ND-6650

Seems the face plate doesn’t fit.

Easy & fast to install
Installed it onto my SONY VAIO PCG-K37 and worked on first try. Now to work on covering the open spaces left from the original Pioneer K14L that came with a bigger cover on it.
Ordered on Monday & got it on Thursday. Thanks NEWEGG

Great Units
I’ve had this burner for a couple of weeks now, used it to replace the cd-rw that came with my sony vaio s-380 which gave up on me soon after the warranty ran out. The original drive in my lappy was a 9.5mm so in order to get this 1/2" drive in i had to do some creative dremeling to my case but either way i’m estatic about this unit. For little over $xx i get all the functionality of a unit that sony would have charged me $xxx for. Thanks newegg

This is the ONE!
I just installed the NEC ND-6550 in my two-year old Sony PCG-FRV37 laptop. The original optical drive was a Matshita UJ-810 which was very slow and developed problems almost as soon as the Sony warranty ran out. The NEC optical drive was very easy to install and Windows XP recognized it immediately. The only “downside” was the fact that the original Sony faceplate couldn’t fit the NEC (the eject button and the emergency eject hole didn’t match) leaving small gaps around the optical drive bay slot. The upside is the great increase in performance and capabilities as well as not having to pay about $xxx.00 for the original Sony replacement (the Matshita UJ-810) just to have the faceplate match up correctly. All-in-all, I am very pleased with this purchase coupled with Newegg’s superior customer service. Thanks Newegg!