Replacing a laptop drive. Need help

Hi there.
My laptop dvd drive needs replacing because it’s a piece of S%#T. It has never worked right and i believe everyone who’s tried to flash the firmware just gets more problems. So I’m finally going to replace it with a completely different brand, if I can.
Does anyone have any suggestions or helpful tips about replacing?
My current drive is a Samsung TS-L532A i think it’s a slim drive?
Can I just replace it with any drive that’s the same shape? If so, what is the technical name for this type / shape of drive?
and does anyone have any suggestions / recommendations about specific drives I could replace it with?
any info would be helpful.


Try checking out for their slimline DVD burners. Great prices for some of the better drives. And it’s pretty easy to change it, usually a single screww underneath the laptop, then pul out.

@ confuzed666,

Suggest using Google Search ( For example below is information obtained by simple Google Search ->


Thanks for all the help guys.
I think I’m gona go for one of the LG burners, but I’ve heard there can be some problems when changing drives.
Is there anything I should know about the drive being master or slave? or any other things that could go wrong when changing the drive?
Or are most drives just very easily swappable?