Replacement Time

I’am wanting to replace both of current dvd drives.
I’am needing two E-IDE DVD drives.And would like one to have a real good LightScribe to it.

My drive usage is:
1.)Burn & Rip DVD movies
2.)Burn CD-R’s (Music from the net)

Here are the two drives that I’am wanting to replace:

Lite-On LH-20A1P

Thanks in advance,Clint

Your question(s) would better be posted i general optical drives forum section, linky. :wink:

But then, with 32 new threads started in your 88 posts history I think you already got all answers needed*.
Search is your friend Antec900_2007. :smiley:

*In my 6k+ posts history I just managed to start 33 new threads, 1 more then you.