Replacement Slim Driver for Inspiron 9300

Hey, first-timer here! Anyway, recently my NEC ND-6650A crapped out on me; I believe the laser has finally deteriorated as it can’t seem to verify or read the second layer of a dual layer DVD.

Basically, I’m all up for getting a new slim notebook drive/burner but finding one seems to be quite a challenge… I’ve scoured the internet and all the sites I come across look rather unreliable and sketchy. I was wondering if anyone could recommend slim burners that are compatible with my Dell Inspiron 9300 and can be -easily- bought. offers the NEC AD-5540A but I’m not sure if this is a step up from the ND-6650A or a step down. I’d prefer to stick with NEC or Samsung, but any recommendations would really do; I’m particuarly more interested in being able to buy the notebook optical drive online in the US. Any help would really be appreciated, thanks!