Replacement Remote for TOHEI DVD 220S

I have been trying for over a year to find a replacement remote for this player. I know, I know; just go out & pay the $40 for a new player but it is now ALL about principal. Here is my lament:
In October of 2002, I purchased a 2003 Dodge Caravan. As part of the promotion, a new bag DVD player was provided for free. Upon selling the van, the remote disappeared. The player will only play “G” rated DVD’s as the parental controls are set that way & the only way to change the settings is with the remote that which is MISSING! Hitachi paperwork came with the player but it is now abundantly clear that Hitachi has nothing to do with this unit. Daimler Chrysler could not be any less helpful than they’ve been. A label on the back of the player states the unit was imported and distributed by Nissho Iwai American Corporation which is now Sojitz Corporation. They referred me to a telephone number in California that is not answered after 40 – 60 minutes on hold. I have purchased four different universal remotes and none of them have worked. I have a jpeg photograph available if anyone is interested. Tohei was notified by me (AGAIN) on 11/25/05 & no reply has been forthcoming. I tried two previous emails in August & May of 2005 which also went unanswered. I searched for a link on-line for remote replacements and got the following :

Can any one help? Thanks.

You could ask Tohei themselves:

Hong Kong Head Office Address Hong Kong
Address : Suit 903B-4, 9/F., Tower 5, China Hong Kong City
33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Telephone : +852-2368-3928
FAX : +852-2722-1076
Web Page :
Electronic mail : General Information :
Sales :
Customer Support:
Webmaster :

Manufacturing Address China Factory
Address : Qingfeng Road, Jinlong Industrial District, Qingxi, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Telephone : +86-769-732-8201
FAX : +86-769-732-8211

TOHEI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (R & D office) Japan
Address : 511-16 Yanase, Ishikawa-cho, Ishikawa-gun, Fukushima-ken, 963-78 Japan
Telephone : +81-247-26-2835
FAX : +81-247-26-1664
Web Page :

But according to the website(s) they only make the components and rarely make complete products.

When browsing this google cache i found out that used to supply the Tohei player.
There is no contact info about the 4audioequipment company on the website. The WHOIS database shows the following contacts:

P.O. Box 22109
Phoenix, AZ 85028


Administrative Contact:
P.O. Box 22109
Phoenix, AZ 85028

Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
P.O. Box 22109
Phoenix, AZ 85028

Thank you. Very informative. I had been sending my emails to but now will use the support link you provided & see where that goes. Again, May, August & now November & Tohei doesn’t even respond other than to say they’ve rec’d their inquiry form. I’ll ck the other links when time permits & let you know what I find. Thank you again.

Mr B===you get off in a seriously unique way, or should I say 14K times?

I saaaallluuuttte you. ((amazingly helpful!))

First time someone saluted when i got off :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Mr. B======
A well done & a salute but I do have this question. What to do next if is not reachable &/or helpful (when I type in the information I need on their website, they say to contact Tohei) and if Tohei is non-responsive (which they have been so far to email)? Am I truely s.o.l.?

damn. then you should find out which companies Tohei is supplying to. But if they don’t email, i dunno.

Cross your fingers Mr. B (as the carrot in my shoe just gave me orange socks!). I rec’d the following reply from Tohei (I stopped using the direct email to Tohei & used the R & D email & did get a response which I post below). I’ll keep you posted & thanks again. Orange isn’t my color but…

Dear Mr. G

Thank you for your message.
I received your e-mail through Japan Office in just minute ago.

I will check same Remote handset or substitution for it as soon as possible.

Meantime, I would like to know your mailing address to receive it.

Thank you for your attention.

Hiro O.
Tohei Marketing International
TMI Electronics Limited

Success (& it was worth the orange socks!!). Below, I post answers from two sources. Now it appears I’m going to end up with two remotes!! Mr. B rocks. Thank you.

Dear Mr. G

Thank you for your message & information of your address.
As I have instructed to our factory to send 1-pc of remote handset for you,so kindly wait a little while. You will receive it within next week.
Have a nice day.

Best Regards,

Hiro O.



You can order a replacement remote control from us directly.

Part Number: RCDVD220S
Description: Remote Control for DVD220S
Price: $25
S&H: $12

If you would like to purchase this remote we will need the following information from you:

Shipping Information:
Shipping Address
Telephone Number
Part Number
Quantity Ordered

Billing Information:
You may pay either by Certified Cashiers Check, Money Order or Master Card or Visa. If you want to place this order via email, we will need you to include the card number, expiration date with the three digits from the back of the card, and the billing name and address as it appears on your statements.

Please be advised. There is no return policy on accessories. If the part that you’re sent is defective, you are able to contact customer service to have that particular cable exchanged. If the part that you order does not solve the problem that you are encountering, you are not able to return the cable for a refund or credit.

Thank you for choosing G2G Products.

If after receiving this email you require further assistance, you can reach us Monday through Friday, 8am - 4:30pm, Pacific Standard Time at (866) 607-8867 where a Customer Service Representative will be happy to further assist you.

Thank you,
Customer Service

$37 for a remote! you coul dbuy a new dvd player for that haha.

looks like the first guy is sending you one for free though which rules.

nice to know at least some companies will stand by their products.