Replacement recorder wanted that records DV date stamp

I’m replacing a Philips DVDR75/17 because the DV port it giving me grief. It will only record for a short time, then go blank. Sometimes I can get a signal back by unplugging the DV cable then plugging back in, other times I can’t. I just purchased a DVDR3390 but it’s missing some features in regards to date stamps as described below.

My main use for a DVD recorder is to archive my home videos from mini-DV without the hassle of doing it on the PC. I also archive VHS videos from time to time.

I want a recorder that will use the date stamp from from the time code on the DV tape that I’m recording as the record date shown on the index screen for the title. I also want it to record the date/time stamp in the subtitle portion of the DVD. My old DVDR75 did both of these things. Unfortunately, this new model I just bought does not.

Can someone recommend a unit that has these two features? I don’t want to spend over $200. I don’t need an HD or other fancy features. It would actually be nice to have one that still has an RF modulator built in as well. This new unit doesn’t, so I’m now short a set of AV jacks on the TV since this requires one of them. But that’s minor if I could get the date/time stamp features on some unit.