Replacement Power Supply For Sony Vaio Desktop

Hi I recently bought a new video card for my Sony Viao PCV-RS712 Desktop Computer. The video card is a Evga Geforce 7800 GS OS SuperClock but the problem is the power supply that came with my pc only gives a maximum of 266.2 watts and the minimum the video card needs is 350 watts but i’m thinking of getting a 450 which is the recommendation for the video card to 500 watt. I called Sony recently and they told me they don’t sell higher power supply units, and since the psu is only 10 cm long and the maximum length before it hits the cd drive is 15 cm so i need a replacement psu thats around 10-12 cm. Any recommendation is good.

Thanks In Advance.

I’m not sure what it will look like on a desktop case (if its a desktop, not a tower), but I would consider mounting a bigger PSU on the back side.

Don’t have a computer with PCI-E slots myself… :sad:

Maybe it is possible to feed your PCI-E video card processor with a separate PSU (even with a old one thats able to deliver ~18A on 12V).
To be able doing this you’ll need a 6-pin adaptor connected to two 4-pin 12V (drive) mollex (example).
You could mount this PSU inside computer.

This offcourse requires some skills with electrical components. :wink:

My pc is a tower and from research i’m pretty sure i need a micro atx power supply unit. My motherboard uses a 20 pin + 4 pin. I just need to find a decent psu with at least 400 watt.

Since it’s a tower then there are many many choices. Micro ATX refers to the Motherboard. Personally I only use Antec brand PSU’s, but there are many other good ones. Antecs are reliable and usually cheaper than the other good brands. Just depends on your budget.

There used to be a sticky thread in this forum on good and bad PSU brands. If I can find it I will link you to it.

Here it is Power Supply thread. Some of it may be outdated, but most Power Supply brands quality and reputation don’t change very much so most of it should still apply.

from research i’m pretty sure i need a micro atx power supply unit

did the micro atx solve the issue? i have a similar problem here

The power supply for your PC is an OEM PSU made by Delta. Sony part #146870923.

Sony, Dell, HP/Compaq amongst others use proprietary parts where possible (notebooks are even worse) so if a part fails, you have to buy from them at outrageous cost. They’ll tell you there’s other reasons but we all know why they do it.

Even if you could get a larger rated PSU from Sony it would cost a fortune. Better spending the money re-casing the machine and enjoying a much wider choice and better value PSU. Here’s a link to someone who did this before - using exactly the same motherboard (Asus P4SD-VL). Also be careful moving the board into the new case - you can’t get a replacement from Asus at it’s OEM again.

Sony just loves pulling that crap. Its a cheap power supply, but an oem replacment cost 122$ at bestbuy, for a 20$ power supply (100$ profit for sony). I know that the whole 100$ doesn’t go to sony but you get the point. Thats why so much of their crap uses memory sticks, and of course memory sticks cost more than other flash cards due to sony royalties.
I would defanatlly agree, get a new case and a normal power supply.

I had the same problem with RS630G… a very detrmined tech at the Geek Squad was able to fit it in by removing the lower dvd drive and the fan…took him a while and was not a perfect fit.