Replacement Power Supply For Sony Vaio Desktop


I have a Sony Vaio Desktop RS311 computer and want to replace the power supply with a 350 or 400 watt - good PSU-

The problem is that the current PSU is only 4 inches long and anything over 4 3/4 inches is going to bang into the burners-

Any help or recommendation would be appreciated-



go for ocz powerstream they are available at 420w/470w/520w/600w models
they are very high quality, voltages vary +/- 0.1v and the heatsinks are massive and the fan is very quiet , bit expensive but its worth it

Hey big mike… Go for either antec or enermax 400w. If you look at the specs on the web sites, it should show the actual size specs. You should be able to find an antec true power for a decent price. Or, here is one of the best price deals I could find for another brand. I’m not sure of the quality of this particular brand. has the Ultra X-Connect 500W ATX Modular Power Suppy - Black for $64.99 - $40 MIR = $24.99 with free ground shipping. Plus tax where applicable (AZ, CA, CT, GA, OH, TX, NV, WA, IL and IN).

thats some nice suggestions but ocz power supplys are higher quality then those brands

Here are some actual hard fact reviews of power supplies.

Yo phil and Rob-


Great info - and FAST!!!

What more could a guy ask for (except maybe a ss sandwich-eh?)

Thank you-


I have a sony vaio PCV-RZ30CG with a 295W power supply that I want to upgrade to around 400 or 500W. The one I have has a DC jack input for the computer speakers on the back of the unit in the corner. I haven’t seen any aftermarket replacement units that have that. Where can I find something compatible? Where do I plug in my speakers?!! thanks.

First of all, check the pinout!
Is it a stock PSU or are custom?
Mostly all other PSU threads recommends Seasonic S12 series or Corsair HX-series and I would rather go for either of em compared to OCZ. :slight_smile:
As Serasonic S12 430W (if you have a stock PSU) will be more than fine and is very silent too.

I cannot find anybody that has the original power supply for that model (not even sony), but you would be beter off getting another power supply and a new set of speakers. There is a similar model sony uses (about 260 watt if I am not mistaken), that also has the speaker power jack. it’s built by delta (so its probably about a 20$ power supply at best), but sony sells it for 120$. The speaker power jack is probably just another way of making you buy their parts. It is propriatary to sony so you are not going to find an aftermarket power supply with the jack. If you can find the voltage, you could probably gut the jack from the old power supply and rig something, but new speakers might be a better idea (if they are like other sony speakers that run off the power supply that I have heard of, they are not that great). Also, if the psu is working, it might be better to sell it on ebay than to try gutting it for parts. Those sony power supply’s are pretty expensive (even though they are kind of crappy). You might even get enough to pay for new speakers and a decent chunk of the new larger power supply if you are lucky…

Thanks for the advice. I would have to rig the appropriate size AC/DC adapter to accept the jack so I can plug the speakers into a wall outlet. That would be a hassle. Then II could find another PSU to fit the case. Probably not worth all the trouble and expense. But thank you very much for the input.