Replacement hard drive problem

I have a DMR E80H purchased in 2003. The original MAXTOR 4R080L hard drive recently went south with a bearing problem. I purchased a Seagate Barracuda HD 80G|ST 7K 2M ATA100 drive to replace it. I removed the jumper from Cable Select, plugged in the cables and turned on the DVR. The message screen on the DVR reads “UNFORMAT”. I reply thru my TV remote to format the drive, but nothing happens. I have moved the jumper pin to all positions w/o sucess. Don’t have a clue what to try next.

My bad. Because of the way the message appeared on my screen, I was responding using the TV remote
which caused some changes in display on the TV screen but did nothing for the DVR. Pressing Enter on the DVR remote in reply to the message about formatting (which appeared on the TV screen) allowed the formatting to occur in short order and the problem is resiolved. All is well with the new hard drive.