Replacement for Plextor Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs

I have tried many brands of cd-r but always end up coming back to using the Plextor Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs. I did use Verbatim CD-R’s but had many problems playing the discs in various cd players. I’ve also tried some of the Silver Topped Taiyo Yuden unbranded but they seem prone to the top layer been scratched off rendering the discs unplayable.

The Plextors seem to be the best for burning, playback & seem to avoid the odd scratch as they seem to be a tougher disc.

The only problem I’m having is sourcing them now as many suppliers seem to be out of stock. Perhaps Plextor are discontinuing them or repackaging them? I’m not quite sure?
Anyway does anyone know of a brand that will offer me similar benefits & are readily available? thanks

You could try the Verbatim Pastel Disc CD-R, these are always TY but the top layer may not be as tough.
The Taiyo Yuden Printable CD-R may be another good choice.
If you like shopping @ B&M stores, some Verbatim Extra Protection CD-R is also TY (= Made in Japan), but often it’s just CMC or MBI.

I also use HP-branded, TDK-branded and Verbatim Extra Protection-branded CMC CD-R for everyday discs and they’re fine as well :slight_smile:

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Where are you located? If you’re in the UK, have a look in Staples and PC World for Verbatim branded “Extra Protection” Taiyo Yuden CDRs…I think these can be found elsewhere in Europe as well, Evilboy might know more about that.

Edit: LOL, I’m psychic, it would seem :bigsmile: ^

I found that the verbatims dont play properly in some cd players, have used them before. The extra protection ones.

I’m assuming they were MIJ, and therefore TY? I ask because my mum has some Extra Protection Verbs made by CMC in Taiwan.

I’m not sure, i have tried a number of verbatims in the past as they are a quality disc, however some have playback problems & I need reliablity.

Pastels, TY silver&white printables and TY Watershield have never failed me. Only thing i don’t like about Watershield is that my LiteOn drives (2x cdr & 3x dvdr) won’t read them at all. All other drives/cd players read them fine. If you don’t need the prints you should try the Pastels imo.


What about Taiyo Yuden Ceramic coat CD-R?

They burn good and have a nice strong top layer.

They look like this:

Pastels have burnt well for me in the past, as have regular Fuji TY’s, never did get a chance to try the Plextors they were always outta stock when in was ordering.