Replacement for Pioneer range?! Xbox 360


I’ve recently looked to replace my Pioneer 116D and 216D as they are both coming to the end of their little lifes, however shocked to find Pioneer have pulled out of this market (no doubt resulting from those dam bankers, another credit crunch victim).

Which drives should I go for now (xbox backup wise)? Are there any drives with the same internals/chip set as the mightly, sorely missed Pioneers?


Pioneer 117/217 if you can still find one, or Optiarc 720X or 724X series drives also do well with some DL’s.

Thanks but I know about the Pioneer 117/217 (and the whole range in general) and so after a complete different brand. Can’t find 117/217 anywhere so there are out of the question.

A number of years ago while researching the best drive to use for xbox 360, I found that while some writer burns would work flawlessly in one 360, stick the same disc in another 360 and it would not work.

I’m looking for a drive that will perform as the Pioneers did, so thats a drive that will not only work with a vast array of DL’s but also have those discs work with all the different types of Xbox 360 drives (I have three in my house for multi gaming heven, ooooooh yeah!!!).

I will note the Optiarc, thank you, but I’m interested to hear from people who have first hand experiance that the replacement drive they have choosen works just as well as the Pionners did.


Did you get any reply to this mate?

[QUOTE=ManiacMatt;2560613]Did you get any reply to this mate?[/QUOTE]

Start buying originals and support the software coders instead of wasting money on el crappo media. :frowning: