Replacement for Nero

I’m searching for a software to replace Nero.
Any recommendations?
I heard again and again of ImgBurn, not sure but I think it still doesn’t support multisessions or? Furthermore it seems to be layed out for images instead of using a file browser to arrange a CD/DVD or?

You might prefer the interface of these two alternatives:

Multisession isn’t such a good idea anyway. Take a look at this thread:

??? I don’t see anyone mentioning that multisessions are bad. Or do you mean bad in conjunction with a specific software?

I use multisessions on CD/DVD Rs & RWs since… I gues since I started burning and never had problems were the source was that I burned it as a multisession.

My bad. Confused Multisession with packet writing.

Roxio 2009 Ultimate is what it says! It is better then ever I use it with out any problems!!