Replacement for NEC 3520?

I need a couple new drives. I was very happy with NEC 3520 in
the past, but I’ve heard some negatives about the 3550. Any
other new drives that should be considered?

Some points:
I rarely burn above 8x. Sometimes 12x.
Reliability and low error rate are very important. I’ll pay more if necessary.
I use TY DVD media. I don’t need burn-compat. w inferior media.
Good DVD rip capability would be desirable but not top priority.

I will NOT buy Plextor ever again. I had a PX-716A that was nothing
but trouble, and Plextor tech support was wretched. (What’s with
all the posts “…Great drive but mine has been to the factory 4 times”?)

I’m open to hearing about any other brands. Just mentioned NEC 3520
as a reference point, as it was recommended to me here ages ago.
That was great advice.

PS: I DO burn a lot of DVD-R media, if that matters. Any particular drives
that fit the bill above? Are any good Benq’s still in production?

About a year ago I chose Pioneer 111D that I cross flashed to 111L to replace my 3520 due to its failure to read burned DVD -R after reading reviews of all burners and considering problems posted by users. Now I’d get Pioneer 112D if I couldn’t find the 111D because the Pioneer is best over all when everything is considered, i.e. best in quality of burns and relatively low incidence of posted problems, IMO.

Thanks. I’ll opt for the Pioneer 112D then.