Replacement for Matshita UJ-812B




I have a Sony Vaio PCG-Z1XSP (on the base the model reference is PCG-5A1M) and my dvd/cd writer is dead. Could someone tell which of the currently available models are compatible with this laptop please?

The original DVD/CD writer is a Matshita UJ-812B, tray loading, 9.5mm slimline model. Don’t care about the make specifically aslong as it works and the existing bezel fits.

Thanks for your help,


i’d like to know this too


Optiarc AD-5540A would be a great replacement. You can attach the bezel from the old drive to this drive. I personally recommend this drive cause I have 2 of them in 2 different laptops of mine. Look for the sales, I paid about 60 dollars each for mine!