Replacement for LSD-081



I currently have an LSD-081 Slimtype DVD-Rom in my laptop, its faulty so requires replacement. I would like to replace it with a CDRW / DVDRW drive so need to know what I can put in that will have the same fittings / physical layout as the LSD-081.

Has anyone that has done this before go a reccomendation for a suitable replacement drive ?




Yep. Actually, there is an industry-set standard specification for the dimensions and whatnot of slimline drives, and every slimline drive should fit these specs. If there’s a slim drive that doesn’t then chances are, it’s either highly specialized (like a slot-in drive for Apple laptops) or more likely, because it is indeed an industry-standard slimtype drive, but enclosed in some kind of proprietary casing.

I don’t know of any places that sell slimline DVDRW drives (people have looked for them online before, without any luck). This is because the slimline drive market is highly specialized and the only people who really buy them are laptop manufacturers and not regular users.

I have found slimline CDRW/DVD-ROM combo drives online, though. The LiteOn LSC-24082K is a fine drive (I have one that I replaced my laptop’s CD-ROM with), and can be had for $64 from if you live in the USA.


Not that I want to contradict a Mod :wink: , but has a slimline DVDRW listed - (NEC) ND-6500A.


Oh, it does? Oops. :o I haven’t visited NE in some time.


Hi thanks for the replies. I have ordered an ND-6500, and look forward to getting it in and working.