Replacement for feurio

I’m thinking about replacing my CD/DVD drive and would like to get a SATA controlled unit (faster access?). I’m not sure wether feurio will recognise a SATA drive. I’m currently using an IDE one. Trouble is I can’t find any software that remotely comes close to feurio. I do alot of live CD burning so I need an edito:)r in the prog. Feurio will take the gaps out between live tracks,normalise etc. Most of the progs I’ve tried that have an editor will only edit one track at the time. With feurio you can assemble your list of tracks then open up the editor and see the whole list and edit accordingly. Also feurio looks a bit old now but thats not really a priority. Can anyone recommend a good replacement or tell me if I can use a SATA drive with feurio.

Feurio development apprears to have ceased a while ago, before the release of SATA optical drives.

As such there are no specific drivers for these SATA drive.
Your SATA drive will be recognized but not enabled for burning. At this juncture, you can select [B]Generic MMC[/B] driver to enable burning functionality for your optical drive.

I still use Feurio for audio burning with my SATA drives but unfortunately you can only enable MMC drivers for one drive at a time.

I only use one drive, dont burn on the fly. So will feurio cope with a sata drive? Also it seems you agree with me that there isnt anything out there as good as feurio which is more up to date. Or is there?