Replacement Fan Dell Dimension 8100



My fan stopped working on friday. I’m planning on ordering a replacement antec 92mm fan to fit the hole, but I am worried that dell may have had a custom connector to the motherboard. I can post a picture of the connection if necessary, but I could not find a picture of the antecs connector. Any help appreciated :smiley:


Yeh, Post a pic. I am a big follower of thermaltake fans, after much comparison, I noticed you get greater CFM airflow at higher RPM with lower Dba noise. --Just my opinion. Have you tried looking at fans at newegg or because they have very good detailed descriptions& pictures of fans and connectors. Also, all Thermaltake come with a 3pin to 4 pin convertor in their boxed packages. But I am sure you will find info on antec fans as well, as they are quite a popular brand name in cases, fans, and power supplies.

Post a pic, and also the fan model you want to buy, maybe others and I can help you look. :wink:


sorry - got frustrated and bought one at a local shop. turns out the dell DOES have a different mobo connection. my roommate hid his digicam, so i cant post it. its a 3 pin, but instead of (ascii art)

. . .

like a normal 3 pin looks, they have a casing that runs around the entire 3 pins, just a little too tight for the connector. anyone know of good LED temp sensors? im running with the case open at the moment :confused:


I’d pull out the scissors, cut off the connection from the old fan, connect it to the new fan and tape up the works with some electric tape. But that’s me :wink:


I’d do the same… just make sure you have the right wired connected to the right cable (usual: red = power, black = gnd, yellow = fan rpm). If you’re not too sure, get a multimeter somewhere and measure the outputs of the mainboard…


Good point, I guess I forgot to mention that part.

But if you like pretty sparks and the smell of burnt hair… then by all means just have at er! :stuck_out_tongue:


//geek EE here - but i already installed the new fan. Im thinking i want another, with how hot it gets in there. Need to cut a hole in my case, and im not excited for that :(. Im planning on having the 2nd fan run off the mobo by doing exactly as you suggested. still need a temp sensor, though.


eek - turned computer off friday, went to work, get home early sunday morning, and it wont respond to the power button. Im planning on getting a power supply tester in the morning and making sure, but since it doesnt make the noises it used to when i plug it in, im thinking thats the problem.

still frustrating, though - after all this trouble with the fan, the bastard decides to up and die while its off? I wanted to blame a power surge, but nothing else that was on my UPS got one (only a monitor + speakers though). Anyone else have any experiences with this?


If you shortcircuit the green wire with any black wire on the 20pin ATX mainboard connector, you can test if your PSU is still alive. A simple paperclip will do for this…


sparky sparky? sounds like fun. im game.

just looked - no green wire to be found. im gonna look for a pinout - im assuming that you wanted me to run +5v to ground.


thats the pinout.


Euh I believe there’s 5V on there, but I am not sure.

Here’s a pic of how I did this some time ago. I used a resistor instead of a wire/paperclip (etc) but it all works the same. If you want a full size image, let me know :slight_smile:


green corresponded to PSON - so as soon as i find a goddamned paperclip, ima check.


checked - no love. trying to find a wire to bridge the gap between ATX standard connects and dell’s weird dimension 8100 connection. will probably special order a whole psu instead :confused: