Replacement DVD writer for Inspiron 9200 laptop

I have a Sony DW-D56A DVD writer in my Dell Inspiron 9200laptop and thinking of replacing it because it does not write reliably. I have narrowed down the selection to NEC ND-6750 and Sony DW-Q520A. Which of these drive is better? Will both of these work with Inspiron 9200 laptop or do I have to do something about master/slave connections?

Hi i have just purchased the Sony DW-Q520A for my dell inspiron 8100. i will let you know how it works for me.

Yes i just fixed my issue with the master slave. And it works great burns at 8x and wrote a whole dvd in 12mins.

If you’re getting it as a fixed bay internal and you get the error ‘optical drive not found / hard drive not found’ when you have it plugged in then its because the drive is most likely set to master. The way i solved it is in the thread:

When i had the drive in the modular bay though it didnt have any problems.

Good luck!