Replacement DVD Ram Drive

Anyone ever had a problem with a laptop DVD drive? My Toshiba G20 Qosmio will not read a photo CD even if it has been burned on the same laptop. When disc is inserted, it reads it as a blank disc although it plays fine on all our pc’s at work. Also i have noticed that the picture quality has deteriorated on recent photo cd’s and dvd’s which i have burned. A mate says the DVD Ram drive may be worn out and in need of replacement as it has burned a lot of films over last 12 months. It is a Matshita UJ-845S. Can anyone tell me where i can purchase a new one at a reasonable price as i am not having any luck tracing one myself or is there another drive which is compatible and will fit the same model of laptop…:confused:
Many thanks in advance

well someone else can probably answer your question better but…

you can probably get a decent replacement drive for your laptop from for about $60-ish dollars … … i believe any of those in that link “should” work with your laptop assuming it’s somewhat new-ish. :wink:

me personally, i would probably go with the Lite-On as i always liked there drives :wink:

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I would recommend Sony/NEC Optiarc AD-5540A. Here is the specs. on this drive below:

Multifaceted, powerful - and only 12.7 mm in height.

We’d like to present two great new units with multiple read and write functions and the most compact form imaginable. They read DVD-ROMs with up to 8x speed and CD-ROMs with up to an amazing 24x speed.

The AD-5540A will impress you just as thoroughly when writing, due to their excellent values in all formats. It writes to DVD-Rs, DVD +Rs and DVD +RWs at 8x speed ­ or DVD-RWs at 6x speed. And it handles DVD-R DL/DVD +R9 format disks just as comfortably (4x) as CDs in -R/-RW formats (24x).Product Specification
Read Speed: DVD: 8x max. CD: 24x max.
Transfer Rate write: DVD-R: 8x max. DVD +R: 8x max. DVD-RW: 6x max. DVD +RW: 8x max. DVD-R DL: 4x max. DVD +R9: 4x max. CD-R: 24x max. CD-RW: 24x max.
Access time: DVD: 180 ms CD: 150 ms
Mechanism: Tray load mechanism
Interface: E-IDE / ATAPI
Burst transfer rate: PIO mode 4 / Ultra DMA 33
Media supported: DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW, DVD +R, DVD +RW, DVD +R9, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW
Modes supported: DVD-Video, CD-ROM XA, CD-Audio, CD Extra, CD Text, CD-I Ready, CD-Bridge, PhotoCD, Video CD, Hybrid CD
Writing methods: DAO, SAO, TAO with zero gap, variable or fixed packet, multisession
Compatibility: MPC Level 3, MultiRead, PC2001
Weight: 0.18 kg
Dimensions: 128 mm x 12.7 mm x 129 mm
Special features: 12 cm and 8 cm CD and DVD media are supported, buffer under run error prevention