Replacement DVD drive unable to install - help needed!

Hi there,

I am hoping someone somewhere can help me to install my new dvd drive!

I have a DELL Dimension 5150 running XP which the CD/DVD drive has recently broken…so i bought a LG GSA-H55N as a replacement.

I removed the old drive installed this in exactly the same way and set it to master. When XP loads up the “found new hardware” bubble comes up, then another recognising the drive and its make.

The Found new hard ware wizard then opens with this message…

Cannot install this Hardware
There was a problem installing this hardware:
An error occured during the installation of the device
The Data is invalid
Click finish to close the wizard…etc. etc.

So i have looked in device manager cannot see any old drivers from the last drive or anything? Tried it again a few times…nothing.

Went back to shop explained problem they gave me a replacement…told me to boot up the pc with the old broken drive in, this would bring up the old drive in device manager and then uninstall it…so did this went to device manager and it says that drive is already uninstalled! tried installing the new drive and exactly the same thing…

My brother has said that he has had the same Found New hardware wizard message when he has tried to install his new camera on the same PC?!

Now i am a bit of a novice when it comes to PC’s but i do want to learn!

What do i do??? Can anyone please help me??

Apreciate anyones time spent reading this!

Jamie :confused:

How is the drive jumpered?
Seen in the BIOS?
What kind of IDE cable is connected, 40wire or 80wire??

Hi thanks for helping…

The drive is shown in the BIOS as Drive 2 - PATA-0 (PRI IDE MASTER) and is “ON”

It is jumpered as master and it is an 80 wire cable, with only this drive on the end.

Hope what i said makes sense!

Maybe you need to jumper it as CS because its in a DELL.

I have just jumpered it as CS and its doing exactly the same…but thanks though!

Hm, is there a chance to test it in another computer??

well i dont have another pc here but i could use one of my mates…i will try it out

My friend has tried it in his, and he says it works fine :sad:

I dont think its the drive it must be something on my PC as it doesnt seem to be accepting any new hardware…we have tried installing a digital camera and get the same install new hardware wizard with the data is invalid message.

Its out of warranty with DELL now so maybe i will have to take it in somewhere to be looked at.

What other dirves areinstalled and how are they set up?
Seen in BIOS as?