Replacement drives

Our church has a TEAC CD/DVD duplicator that has served us well since 2005, but lately it is starting to get errors during the copy process. The source drive is a Teac DV-516G-00 DVD-ROM EIDE (48x CD, 16x DVD). The 7 target drives are Teac DV-W516GB-000 DVD EIDE (48x CD, 16x DVD±R). What would you suggest as good replacements for these DVD-ROM and DVD drives?

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Before assuming the problem are defective DVR-ROM and DVD Burners it would be prudent to perform some troubleshooting to confirm that these items are in fact defective.

Explain in detail exactly what these “errors during the copy process” are that you are receiving. Provide the complete full-untruncated Error Narrative and Error Code that you are receiving.

It is highly unlikely that ALL of these items (DVR-ROM and DVD Burners) suddenly became defective.

Suggest thoroughly cleaning all of these items (DVR-ROM and DVD Burners) to ensure that the Optical Lasers are free of any dust and/or debris.

Are you certain that you are using known proven high quality Media and that someone didn’t purchase some cheap bargain Media.

Has anyone opened the TEAC CD/DVD duplicator and ensured that all connectors are properly attached and the interior is free of any ‘Dust Bunnies’?


The drives all work, it is just that we are seeing errors more often. The duplicator just has a small LCD panel attached to its TEAC controller. The messages on the LCD panel are only a few words long, and are something like “FAIL:01” when there is a write or verify error on the disc in target drive 1.

I have opened up the duplicator. All connections are tight, and there is no dust inside. I have not cleaned the optical lasers though. I will give that a try.

We try to use high quality media (TY for example), but we buy in bulk, so it is possible that we have a bad batch.

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Whatever Error Narrative the TEAC CD/DVD duplicator is displaying means something. Either consult the TEAC CD/DVD duplicator Operator Manual and/or directly contact TEAC Support for assistance. Haphazardly unknowingly “Replacing Something” in an effort to correct the “errors during the copy process” problem is not an effective or efficient way to correct the problem.

Many of these Duplicators have System flash memory BIOS that perform Hardware Checksum during the Duplicator BootUp. Sometimes if Hardware Components (Optical Drives) are replaced the Optical Drive needs a particular Firmware to function correctly with the particular Duplicator. In some instances a Duplicators BIOS upgrade is required. These are areas that need to be considered before replacing DVR-ROM or DVD Burners.