Replacement drives for LVW-5055GDL+

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DVD Recorder. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi All ,

I’ve decided to start a new thread on this matter as the sticky "Replacement Drives for Liteon 5xxx Recorders " is not completely applicable for this European model .

Firstly the specs can be found here :

Points to note is that the unit is only 31.6cm long so any of the longer drive replacements won’t physically fit inside the unit .

The unit uses a Lite-on DDW-813S as standard .

I’ve just tried (connecting externally) a Benq DW1620 with B7W9RPC1 firmware . DVD playback (R1/R2) with FF all working fine . The problem is with recording . When a blank DVD-R disk is inserted you get the usual “preparing” message but when it finishes the disk shows up with 0% space available and you can’t copy anything onto it . Tried it with various media and they all do the same so the Benq is a no no .

I’ve also just tried my LG GSA-H55N taken from my PC . This also works fine during DVD playback (FF OK) . However , when a blank DVD-R disk is inserted it says “preparing” but it never completes and has to be powered on/off .

So , after my intentive testing :slight_smile:

Benq DW1620 : No .
LG GSA-H55N : No

I’m now trying to get a hold of a Liteon DH-20A3P to see how that goes . If anyone else has any experience with this machine then please feel free to add to this thread .


I just wondered if you tried any DVD+R media in the Benq or LG? It might be worth it to give it a try.

There have been some posts by DH-20A3P users which states it works for all DVD recording and playback except that it freezes on fast forward. However, it can be cross flashed to Sony DRU-190A (aka AD-7190A) to gain normal fast forward function. You might try to find the Sony instead to avoid cross flash, i.e. if fast forward is important. Also DVD+R is a better choice for LiteOn recorders in my experience since they prepare and finalize faster than DVD-R.


Thanks , I’ll try that and see what happens .

@bevills1 . I almost had a new DH-20A3P this week but I just missed out . I’ll do a search on the Sony and see what comes up . I presume that the Sony is one of the compact size drives ? i.e shorter than the Benq DW1620 ?


According to search results at that Sony is 17cm deep which is the same as the LiteOn DH-20A3P.

Hi bevills1 .

I’ve now got a new Sony DRU-190A . Do I need to do any firmware upgrading or flashing to this drive before trying it in my 5055 ?

Obviously I’ll set the Region in my PC before trying it but I was wondering if I need to upgrade the firmware as well ?


The firmware probably doesn’t need updating, but it won’t hurt to update it if it.s not the latest version. You could use the Book Type Utility from the LiteOn Burner forum to bitset DVD+R to DVD_ROM to increase playback compatibility as I did with my Sony DRU-120C, but it’s just an option and unnecessary if you don’t want to do it.

Hi All ,

OK . I’ve successfully installed a Sony DRU-190A in my Liteon LVW-5055GDL+ . I’m going to go through all the stages so that “you” don’t have to spend about $120+ on Benq’s , DVD+Rs etc…

Philips screwdriver .
A Dremel with a bit for filing metal . I don’t know the bit number but I used the little orange pine cone shaped one . Pretty technical eh ! :slight_smile:
A decent stanley or similar knife .
Aradite or some decent glue .


  1. Buy a Sony DRU-190A . New would obviously be better .

  2. First install the drive in your PC and select the Region Code . I’m in Spain so I went for R2 .

  3. My new drive came with f/w Ver 1.62 . I downloaded Sony’s “” and updated my firmware . Note that the drive by default WILL NOT as yet be region free even though your LVW-5055GDL+ may have been . I had to download and run “” because it won’t play R1 discs until it’s been unlocked . This will now make the drive region free . Before you remove the drive from the PC , open the tray and remove the Sony tray disk cover . Might as well do it now as later .


  1. OK , this takes a bit of messing about but my drive is COMPLETELY fitted using some of the original Liteon mounts and faceplate . I’ll attach a finished photo .

  2. Before we start work on the 5055GDL+ open the drive tray and remove the pretty Liteon tray cover . Don’t bin it as you’ll need it later . Power off the machine at the mains . Remove IDE cable and power cord .
    Remove the old drive and keep the 4 silver screws . We’ll need 2 later .

  3. Remove the front plastic facia from the new Sony drive .

  4. Remove the plastic facia from the Liteon being carefully not to break any of the plastic clips .

  5. You’ll need to remove the 2 thinner metal tabs that are pointing towards you . Keep bending them until they break off . You’ll also have to slightly bend the 2 inner tabs outwards a little bit but you don’t have to break them . Actually they’ll give extra support once the Sony has been fitted . Check photo .

  6. Now , if you try and insert the Sony through the facia opening you’ll see that it doesn’t fit . It nearly does but there’s a couple of metal bits to the bottom left and right of the front facia which stop the drive from passing . There’s also a tab at the top (check photo) . So , using the Dremel , or a file you’ll have to make the opening more “square” . Keep filing and try the drive until it passes through the opening . Once it fits , it’ll only go through a cm or so before it hits the tab at the top . You can bend that outwards slightly using pliers . It only has to be bent a little bit before the whole drive eventually passes through .

  7. Now here’s the clever bit . It’s easier to explain while you’re doing it . Look at the botton of the Sony drive . There are 2 unused tappered holes which will align perfectly over the 2 back posts on the Liteon . Check my photo again . The problem is that it’s like Catch 22 . First you need to remove the 5 black screws that connect the Liteon front metal facia to the main chassis . With the Sony drive on top of the bottom plate you’ll see that it obstructs access to these 2 screw holes . Now you need to remove the top and bottom cover of the Sony . Using your knife or similar (I used my Dremel again and then the knife) cut away these 2 plastic circles on the drive so that you can put the drive on top of the base plate and tighten the screws . At this stage place the top cover over the Sony . Now your wondering , “How do I put the original 4 screws on the bottom of the Sony ?” . Basically you can’t as the drive is now fixed to the main chassis and you can’t get underneath it . However , you can “manually” insert one of the screws on the front left hole and tighten it a bit by hand and then with a small pair of pliers . That’s the best I could get it but it’s 100% secure.

  8. OK . Your drive is now physically fitted . Carefully refit the front METAL facia using the 5 black screws over the front of the Sony . Reconnect the IDE cable (MASTER) and power cord . Refit the Liteon plastic facia .

  9. Last part . Fitting the Liteon face plate on the Sony disk tray . Try it and you’ll see that it doesn’t fit . I had to remove most of the small tabs on the Liteon face plate with my knife . At this point it fitted “almost perfectly” . When I closed the drive it was about 0.05mm off center and didn’t fit exactly on closing . Easily fixed . Basically , I used some glue and closed the front door and then aligned it with the door closed . Left it for 4 hours to dry and that’s it .

Some of this may sound quite complex but it’s easier when you’re doing it and I’m by no means an expert . We didn’t have metal shop or anything like that in Scotland . If I can do it I’d say almost anyone can .


Here’s a slight problem .

Verbatim DVD-R : OK
Princo DVD-R : OK

Verbatim DVD+R : Prepares and records OK but my machine “hangs” at 29%while “Finalizing” . Basically I’m not going to use +R media . Problem solved !

Hope this small guide helps someone . I’d have been cheaper buying a new DVD recorder but where’s the fun in that :slight_smile: