Replacement Drives for Liteon 5xxx Recorders



I have tried out an HP DH-16A1L-CT2 SATA drive with a SATA to IDE adaptor on my LVW-5006.

I found out that it would record to DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and to Audio CD, VCD and SVCD on CD-Rs. I was not able to try DL recordable DVDs as I have none. FF search works.

I have noticed that on recordings there is slight pixling on the playback picture every few seconds, but the recordings played back fine on another player.

The HP DH-16A1L-CT2 is obviously a Liteon clone, but is there a direct Liteon equivalent model?


I hate to have to ask you this AFTER you put the drive in the system, but on the drive itself, it tells you when the drive was built. What is that build date? (Should be a month and year).

If it is sufficiently old, it might be the equivalent of the LH-20A1L, with HP-specific firmware tweaks. (The retail rebadged HP version might have been the DVD Writer dvd1070d, which I never saw anyone use).



The HP DH-16A1L-CT2 drive was manufactured in September 2007. It came with KH38 firmware which I have updated to KH39.

This is the only drive that I have which is 100% compatible with the LVW-5006. I have been thinking that if there is a direct Liteon compatible model, then maybe it can be crossflashed to an HP DH-16AL-CT2 to gain full compatibility?

I have been trying out other newer SATA drives. The Liteon iHAS120-63 6 and DH-16A6S won’t record Audio CDs, VCDs or SVCDs and come up with write fails a few seconds after trying to record to DVD-R and DVD-RW discs.
The Liteon iHAS124-14 EUV won’t record any CD formats either and when I tried to record on a DVD+RW disc, the disc menu became all garbled up after recording and the disc could not be played.

The Toshiba Samsung SH-224DB/BEBE won’t record any CD formats, but I need to test it out on recording to DVD discs.

The SATA to IDE adaptor that I am using is this one:


The date of manufacture aligns with the LiteOn LH-20A1 series of drives, strengthening my thought that this is based on the 20A1L.


Thanks for that Albert.

Further tests that I have done with the Toshiba Samsung SH-224DB/BEBE have shown that it records to DVD+R and DVD+RW drives ok, but comes up with write fails if an attempt is made to record on DVD-R and DVD-RW media. However it plays back already recorded DVD-R and DVD-RW discs okay.


The link in reply #422 doesn’t show pricing or ordering info that I see. What’s cost, and how does one order the adapter? This should be a good option for replacement drives since IDE drives are becoming more difficult to find.


[QUOTE=bevills1;2750965]The link in reply #422 doesn’t show pricing or ordering info that I see. What’s cost, and how does one order the adapter? This should be a good option for replacement drives since IDE drives are becoming more difficult to find.[/QUOTE]

Hello bevills1,

I got my SATA to IDE adaptor from a UK seller on Ebay:

They are sold out now, but there are other sellers on there with them. Mine was numbered HXSP-107.

It would be interesting to know what other current SATA DVD Rewriters are compatible with the Liteon LVW-5xxx series. I already found out that the Liteon iHAS124-14 EUV is completely incompatible as far as recording is concerned.

I would like to point out that the Liteon LH-20A1P IDE drive will not burn VCD or SVCDs though it does Audio CDs.


I have read many of the posts in this Thread and hate to ask the old question, but I suspect the available drives have changed. I have the Liteon LVW-5005 and besides the tray opening issue, it is not always recognizing my blank disks or “Preparing” them correctly. What is the best currently available drive I can use as a replacement? Also I updated my current unit with a couple of firmware updates, will I have to redo those? One of these updates added back the 3 HR record mode.
Thanks in advance.


Hello Movie_Nut, sorry for not replying to you sooner, but I have only just seen your message.

I have tried out lots of drives and have not found any recent ones that are very suitable. As I mentioned above a new Liteon iHAS124-14 EUV drive that I tried was completely incompatible.

The most compatible drive that I have found is the SATA HP DH-16A1L-CT2 (a Liteon clone). Further tests that I carried out found that the SATA to IDE converter that I quoted above didn’t work very well, as there was buffering on the playback picture every few seconds. I tried a different make which worked fine. You would have to experiment to find one which works best.


Some of the older drives that work can still be found used from time to time like the Sony AD-7190A at, but I’ve seen none new for a couple of years now.


With the help of the wonderful information on this website, I resurrected my 5005 utilizing a “new” Liteon 1693S drive with FW KC4B.

So far all is good except two anomalies.

First, and most odd, is that after pressing the power button the unit’s buttons are unresponsive with “HELLO” stuck on the screen. It takes two or three on and off cycles of the power button before the 5005 properly responds.

The other problem was playing sections of old discs that recorded in SP mode would lock up after a few seconds. I rebooted the machine queuing up the same section 2 or three times and then the video would continue to play properly.

Any ideas as to a more permanent workaround or solution to these problems?


I had a 5005 stuck at HELLO and, never getting past there and becoming unusable, and I’ve read other threads where others had the same problem. My solution was to buy a 5006 from eBay which has worked great for 2 years plus now. FYI the 5005 remote works with the 5006 if you find a 5006 with no remote as I did. Hope you find a solution for your instance, but getting another from eBay is a good option if you find no solution.


I appreciate your response. My 5005 actually had a 5006A Rev .01 board when I purchased it, for what that is worth.

As I mentioned my work around to get past the “HELLO” is to turn on and off my machine two or three times. Occasionally, it will power up just fine on the first press of the power button which is great when it happens. I have not figured out what causes this variability.

Another solution I found to the hello problem is to cycle the open and close button on the drive itself with a prerecorded disc in the tray. This worked for me when I was experimenting with a couple of other exterior replacement drives before settling in with the 1693S. (This potential workaround will not work of course while the drive is installed inside the recorder as access to the open and close button will not be available).


Hello Comrades.

Six months ago, I broke into the DVD drive Lite-On LVW-5055GDl +.
On the advice of - bevills1 (post # 419), found and bought on EBay completely new, in the box LiteOn SHM-165P6S.

All discs Verbatim
DVD +: reading, writing (DVD)
DVD -: reading, writing (DVD)
DVD + RW: reads, writes, erases, formats (DVD, Divx)
DVD - RW: reads, writes, erases, formats (DVD, Divx)
CD - RW: reads, writes, erases, formats (Video CD) pleasantly surprised))

Lite On SHM-165P6S set in the Lite-On LVW-5055GDl + without strong modifications.


I wonder how can the firmware of the DH-16A1L drive be updated to KH39. I can’t find the KH39 or higher firmware updates anywhere. The DH-16A1L-CT2 drive I have was made in May 2007 and its original firmware version was KH15 but can be updated to KH1A.