Replacement Drives for Liteon 5xxx Recorders



I have the Lite-On DH 20A4P installed in my 760, and I know that it doesn’t FF, I don’t mind it as I don’t use the 760 for disc playback.

I would try the Pioneer DVR 116 if FF is a concern.

I would recommend first that you try and send a PM to Nihon4 for additional info on his experience(s) with the Pioneer in the 5045.


Note the LiteOn DH20A3P is the last LiteOn model for which there’s a Sony model rebadge (DRU-190A). This means the DH20A4P can’t be cross flashed to Sony which means you’d be stuck with FF freeze issue. FYI there’s a new LiteOn SHM-165H6S for $25 plus $6 shipping at or for $27 with free shipping from
It’s the same drive as the 165P6S but with LightScribe, and it can be cross flashed to Sony DRU-120C (DW-G120A) to gain normal fast forward function. I cross flashed my LiteOn SHM-165P6S to Sony DRU-120C, and it’s worked great for nearly 2 years now.


[QUOTE=Vetteboy1;2162525]L…I went to Best Buy and got a Sony DRU-842A. Right outta the box I slapped it in the 5005, and it worked…[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=afecu;2163338]Another thread says: DRU-842A = Optiarc AD-7200A[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=negritude;2174947]The Sony DRU-842A, DRU-V200A, DRU-V202A, and DRU-V204A are all believed to be based in whole or in part on the Optiarc AD-7200A, which is an NEC chipset drive, and that has been shown to be a good choice for recorder drive replacement.[/QUOTE]I see Newegg now has the Sony DRU-V202A for $30 (free shipping) and Zipzoomfly has the SonyOptiarc AD-7201A-0B (assume the 720[B]1[/B] is the black version of the 7200A(?)). Will these be preferable to the LiteOn DH-20A4P-04 (which ZipZoomfly has on sale for $20 + s&h) if I don’t want a “broken” FF? Or are there other trade-offs with the Sony burners to negate their “advantage”?



Well, I jumped on the Sony DRU-V202A at Newegg - partly due to it being a retail version. It looks like it would work in the LiteOn LVW-5005A, but I may just swap it for the NEC ND-3520 burner in my PC, which I’ve seen people say works in the recorder.


According to posts #240 and #244 of this thread the AD-7200A will not erase DVD+RW in the LiteOn recorder. For that reason I’d have chosen the Sony DRU-190A or LiteOn SHM-165H6S cross flashed to Sony DRU-120C from my post #261. Since you already ordered the Sony DRU-V202A, your best option is to swap it for the NEC ND-3520 in the PC unless you want to retrun the burner ordered.


[QUOTE=bevills1;2197289]According to posts #240 and #244 of this thread the AD-7200A will not erase DVD+RW in the LiteOn recorder. For that reason I’d have chosen the Sony DRU-190A or LiteOn SHM-165H6S cross flashed to Sony DRU-120C from my post #261. Since you already ordered the Sony DRU-V202A, your best option is to swap it for the NEC ND-3520 in the PC unless you want to retrun the burner ordered.[/QUOTE]Well, I figured if the only drawback to the DRU-V202A was that it wouldn’t erase +RW media - I could live with that. I primarily use the 5005 as an analog-to-digital converter to get video on my PC (where I edit and then use to “jukebox” videos through our TiVoHD’s), but the rest of the family uses it only as a player.

I’m accustomed to using -/+RW discs - and that would definitely be preferable, but -R and +R discs are inexpensive enough that I could live with the inconvenience of not being able to re-use them.

BTW, has it been confirmed that RW discs can’t be erased in a PC burner and [I]then[/I] used in the 7200?

Anyway, the reviews for the AD-7200 were so positive - and seeing that the DRU-V202A was nearly the same thing and in a retail box - made it seem like a no-brainer to give it a shot. I’m building a new PC in the next couple months for my wife, so I may just stick the DRU-V202A in that.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep on the lookout for the drives you suggested (one of them was gone by the time I checked). Hopefully I can get one of those also.


RW discs can be erased in the PC and then used in the LiteOn recorder with a 7200 burner, but the user in posts #240 and #244 wants to be able to erase in the LiteOn recorder. BTW ther’re links to buy the Memores MRX-530L (rebadged LiteOn) at for about $27 that’s a good burner replacement according to post #180 of this thread if you still seek burner replacement for the LiteOn recorder…

Edit: Also for the Sony DRU-7190A for as low as $25 which is also another good replacement according to post #200 of this thread at


Note user in post #200 doesn’t state whether the Sony DRU-7190A erases RW discs in the LiteOn recorder. You may want to PM that user to check if that feature is important.


I should be receiving the Sony DRU-V202A today, and if so I’ll hopefully get it installed tonight.

I saw over on Videohelp that some users had solved burning issues on various DVD recorders by simply cleaning the “spindle”. Apparently, if the spindle doesn’t get a good “grip” on the CD/DVD, the result can be annoying noise and slippage, resulting in bad burns, etc. Also, I was getting some longer burns (one burn up to 35 minutes long, but most less than 10 mins) completing once I moved everything away from the recorder and pointed a fan at it during burning.

So yesterday I decided to take the lid off my LiteOn LVW-5005 and look at the burner more closely. I removed the cover for the drive (***) to see how dirty things looked and was amazed to see it looking like new despite little protection for internal components from dust. Nonetheless, I carefully cleaned the grease off the laser’s guide rails and applied a thin coat of silicone spray with a Q-tip. I carefully used a can of Dust-Off to “clean” any dust away from the laser.

While looking at the drive mechanism, I saw what I’m guessing people are referring to as the spindle (mating up to the “hub” of a disc). It looks like a small gasket-like ring with a thin coating of silicone rubber, but I wasn’t able to tell for sure what the material was so I was reluctant to do anything more than blow it off with some Dust-Off. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, please let me know the best way to clean it.

Anyway, the symptoms I’ve been getting show that the original burner is capable of burning and erasing discs, but it doesn’t seem to like burn segments more than a few minutes long. After “cleaning”, those symptoms appear to be unchanged, so it looks like I’ll have to try the new burner.

Anybody else ever get issues resolved simply by “cleaning the spindle”?

*** Removing the faceplate of the burner tray was probably the trickiest part of the operation, having not seen how it was attached and being careful not to break the retaining tabs.


I got the DRU-V202A yesterday, but I haven’t had a chance to give it a try yet.

I’m curious, though - has anyone had their symptoms resolved by cleaning the “spindle” as described in

It seems to makes sense for me to try before giving up on the old drive.



I have a Liteon LVW-5005A manufactured July 2004 and running the 098 firmware (ILO version). Anyway, I’m having trouble finding dvd-r’s or dvd+r’s that will write properly in the machine. The problem is that all my new dvd’s are 16x and while the machine will record and finalize them, playback on this machine and other dvd players is somewhat spotty with quite a bit of pixellation. I never had this trouble when I was able to get the 8x dvd’s, either plus or minus.

So, I’m thinking it may be time to upgrade the drive to a newer one that will write properly to the 16x dvd’s. I have been reading this topic with great interest for that reason. It seems that by the time information is posted on a drive that will work properly, they are no longer available.

Of the current drives that are still available, it looks like I could get a Pioneer DVR-116DBK. From what I have read, this one should work, although it will not likely erase rw’s. That is OK for me.

Another currently available drive is the Sony AD-7220A, will this drive work?

I can also get the Liteon DH20A4P. This I guess would work, but with the loss of the FF function. To me this is not a big issue either.

So, I would appreciate any advice you can give.



I just got a Sony DRU-V202A from Newegg, but since the spindle cleaning procedure worked for me I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I’ve been busy burning with the original drive.

That being said, I’m a proponent of sacrificing the ability to erase RW media if need be - unless you’d rather give up the FF function. I can always erase the RW media when it’s still in the PC since that’s where it is when I’ve verified the copying.


You should be able to update to latest LiteOn firmware if you can find it to fix the 16x media problem and then flash back to 098 firmware if you still have it. I and others have done this resulting in fixed 16x media problem and regain the hack advantages. Unfortunately LiteOn hasn’t posted any updates in a couple of years, and you may have problems finding the latest LiteOn update. If you can post your serial number, maybe somebody here might have the firmware needed. The first 2 sets of 4 digits of serial number must match, i.e. 0102-1840 for example.

SuperMediaStore and a few others still have 8x TaiyoYuden which is another option if you want to keep using 8x media. If you decide to replace the burner, check to find Sony AD-7190A or the Memorex MRX-530L at each for about $27. Both have been posted to work and not have freeze on fast forward.



Thank you for responding. My machine is SN 0102-1140-0098-G2B9(015-010B). I have two firmwares on cd ready for flashing at the present time. I have LNFA1000.E20.0102.114X, which I think is the original. I also have the LNFA1098.ES5.0102.114X, which is the ILO hacked version currently running on the machine. Based on this info, can anyone help with a more updated version of firmware which will solve the 16X dvd-r or +r problem?

As far as the drives are concerned, I may just go ahead and buy another drive so that I have a backup, in case all else fails. I may try a memorex 530L. Also, I have been able to locate a Sony DW-G120A. Will this drive have full functionality? Thanks for your help.:slight_smile:



I suggest doing a search of this forum for “0102-1140” and look for some posts by users that have units whose serial number begins with those numbers. Then PM some of those users to see if they have the latest LiteOn firmware they could email to you. I have latest LiteOn LNFA1101 update file for 3 units that begin with 0102-1840, but you need to find it for 0102-1140.

The Sony DW-G120A is fully functional for DVD and lacks only VCD recording ability as do all LiteOn and it’s rebadges past 1693. I bought this Sony model a couple of years ago on CompUSA closeout sale, and I bought a LiteOn SHM-165P6S that I cross flashed to DW-G120A; both work great for 5005 burner replacement. Personally I’d get either the Memorex or Sony depending on which has better price, or choose which ever one you can find new since I don’t like buying used or refurbished.


I decided to go for the Memorex 530L.

I ordered it from 3BTech and it was shipped yesterday. I will reply back when I get it installed and let you know how it works.

BTW, I have a couple of messages out, but I am still looking for the LNFA1101 firmware for the LVW-5005A SN 0102-1140. If anyone has it please send a PM or email. Thanks in advance.


Sorry if I missed this here, but has it been verified that the Pioneer 116DBK definitely works as a replacement in the 5045, & will erase DVD-RW’s? (I’m not concerned about the FF working or not - don’t really need it.)

I’m considering the LiteOn 20A4P, but the reviews on Newegg say it’s very loud. I’m wondering if the Pioneer might not be a higher quality drive.

Thanks for any input!


I decided to go for the Memorex 530L.

I ordered it from 3BTech and it was shipped yesterday. I will reply back when I get it installed and let you know how it works.

The drive arrived on Saturday, which was only two days in shipping.

I connected the drive outboard to the LVW-5005A and tested it’s functions today. All functions appear to be normal including FF and RW. I did several test recordings using 16x dvd-r’s and they were good. They also play fine in my JVC dvd player, so the interchange is good too. I can not tell you if it will erase or record dvd/rw’s since I don’t have or use those.

The Memorex MRX-530L does appear to be a good replacement drive in the LVW-5005A. I am a happy camper. Thanks to all for your help. :slight_smile:

I will attempt to install the new memorex drive inside the LVW-5005A case tomorrow.

BTW, I did have to install the MRX-530L in my computer and set the proper region by playing a dvd movie before it would work properly in the LVW-5005A.


FYI you can use the Book Type Utility from the LiteOn Burner forum while connected to the computer to bitset DVD+R to DVD-ROM book type to increase playback compatibility. I did it on a LiteOn SHM-165P6S cross flashed to Sony DW-G120A, and it works very well.


OK, I installed the MRX-530L in the LVW-5005A case today. It went fairly well after I figured out everything that needed to be done. Here are the steps I used.

1 Remove the door panel on the new drive.

2 Remove the front panel of the new drive.

3 Trim the center notch in the new drive tray so that the old Liteon door panel will fit.

4 Trim the back side of the LVW-5005A front panel so the new drive will fit tight up against the tray slot. This is critical, as the tray will not open and close properly if the new drive is not snugged up tight against the tray opening. Don’t ask me how I know this, lol!

5 Using the existing drive mounting hardware from the old drive, install it on the new drive and mount the new drive in the LVW-5005A .

6 That’s it. Test the drive and reinstall the LVW-5005A cover.

BTW, bevills1, thanks for all the helpful suggestions. And I think I will try the book type utility you mentioned to increase dvd+r compatibility.

For those who need a new drive for their LVW-5005A, the MRX-530L works well and fits like a glove using the old mounts, after properly trimming the necessary plastic parts.

It would be interesting to know if this drive will record or erase dvd/rw’s, for those who need this feature. Good luck to all. :slight_smile: