Replacement Drives for Liteon 5xxx Recorders



I just put in a Sony AD-7190A burner into my 5045 today and it is working great so far. I first put it into my computer and upgraded the firmware to 1.05 (from 1.04). Then I put in a region 4 DVD to set the region code, but it played the film right away without asking for a region code.

I had some trouble fitting it into the DVR, but after an hour or two, I managed in the end. I still need to secure it better, though it’s sitting fairly snug in there.

I put in an old DVD+RW that I had lying around and burned a couple of video clips to disk, no problem. I played back the clips from the DVD+RW and they played fine and I could Fast Forward.

I then put in a region 2 PAL DVD and this also played fine. Fast Forwarding also worked.


In addition to the previous post:

When I first reattached the original bezel, the tray door wouldn’t stay shut because the tray door wasn’t closing fully into the new burner. Well, there are a couple of screws on the bezel which you can tighten or loosen. I loosened the bezel a bit and then the tray door closed properly and fully.

I also stabilised the player with some silver duct tape. This is important because I didn’t initially do this and the burner slipped back a little bit and wouldn’t open. So, I had to push it back in and secure it.

Here is a photo of the new driver in the LVW-5045:


Ok… first of all, I apologise to you all… I KNOW that the answers to my questions are scattered - probably quite liberally - throughout these threads… but I simply cannot put ALL the answers to ALL the issues together into simple neanderthal form. I PROMISE you that I HAVE searched, read and tried to understand and comprehend but there are still gaps.
Situation - 5027HC+, second dvd writer going kaput. (I asked for help on these very forums and received help… but couldn’t afford replacement drive at the time (pioneer 115) and now the link has disappeared).
But I had other issues anyway. I don’t honestly expect anyone to know all the answers, but I figure it’s worth a shot.
What other writers will fit into a 5027 and still work properly?
It has to play/record on almost any dvd blank, it has to have full normal controls (chapters/FF_FR etc.), it has to play avi files and such. If I have to mess with it beforehand to set it up, be aware I HAVE A MAC, NOT A PC. and can someone tell me whether firmware upgrades apply to the dvd or hard drives… or just to the machine in general and would I need them for your suggested replacement?
Jeez, folks, this really sounds/reads like a series of shouted demands, and I don’t mean for it to…
I just wanna know if it’s worth fighting this Liteon battle or should I just buy another cheapish dvd/HD recorder… and if so, which one? and after all, who else would/could I ask?


The first page of this thread has a list of replacement burners that will work. The Pioneer 115 isn’t in the list, and I’ve not seen any post that says it will work. All the newer LiteOn models (SHW-160P6S) and later will freeze on fast forward. Your best options for full DVD functionality are the Sony DRU-120C and DRU-190A, and the latter may be easier to find since it’s a newer model. The LiteOn SHM-165P6S or DH-20A3P may be cross flashed to Sony DRU-120C or DRU-190A respectively to gain fast forward function if you have trouble locating the Sony model. Remember to set the region for replacement burner by playing a DVD while connected to the computer regardless of which replacement burner is chosen.


here’s the link to the pioneer advice thread
I have no idea what cross flashing is…
and I have a mac, can I connect IT to the drive to set the region or is there a hack like there was for the 1527hc+?
will this one work|39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

thanks for the help… we’ll get there


ok, so I bought the Sony… can someone tell me how to check that the firmware is up to date (or does firmware only apply to the unit as a whole rather than just the optical drive) and if there’s a region hack for this drive?
thanks for the help


That Pioneer advice simply states the Pioneer 115 is a good DVD drive but doesn’t say whether it will work in a LiteOn 5xxx recorder which it may well not work. Nero InfoTool or DVDIdentifier will tell current firmware, and you may check the Sony site to see if there’s a newer one. The region free tool from may be used to make the drive region free, and the Book Type Utility from same link may be used to bitset +R media to DVD-ROM book type to increase playback compatibility. Don’t forget to set the jumper to Master for the Sony DRU-190A before installing in the LiteOn recorder.


Thank you, as always, for your help. I have checked out the two links that you recommend but, as I said, these tools and utilities are designed for PC users (windows or DOS) and I have a mac. Is there a mac equivalent, or one of those hacks that are inputted via the liteon remote after the drive is installed?


Sorry I can’t help with the mac issue. You might try posting a query on the LiteOn burner forum, or you could connect the drive to a friend’s PC to perform desired updates if you don’t find a mac solution.


Thanks again. In following your “search” advice, I came across this piece of advice from you to someone else…
[I]Re: LiteOn LVW-5006 -Can I flash SONY DRU-190A with LNHBE098.ES5 firmware hack?
Be advised cross flashing to LiteOn will gain a recorder freeze on fast forward problem associated with LiteOn SHW-160P6S and newer replacement burners when used as replacement burners in LiteOn recorders. For your 5006 burner replacement leave the drive Sony to keep normal fast forward function. Note you may check Sony site to see if there are any firmware updates and update firmware while connected to PC if there are newer firmwares. Remember to set the drive jumper to Master and set region by playing a DVD while connected to PC, or you may use the Region Free Tool from the last sticky in this forum to make the drive region free. The Book Type Utility from that same sticky may be used to bitset +R media to DVD-ROM to increase playback compatibility if desired.[/I]
I am now scared to use this new drive. What happens if I just open the case and switch the new drive for the old one… will it work? I just don’t understand what flashing or cross flashing is. Setting the jumper to master I can manage.


Just playing a DVD while connected to the computer should set the region, and I’d think the same would be true for the mac but not sure. Set the drive jumper to master, play a DVD while connected to computer, replace the old burner with the new Sony, and it should work fine without any flashing. Flashing a burner is simply the process to update firmware, and no harm will be done by flashing as long as the correct firmware is used and as long as there’s no interuptiion of the flash process. Cross flash is the same as ordinary flash except that it flashes the initial drive to a different drive.

The reply you copied and pasted was in response to the OP of the thread who was contemplating cross flashing a Sony DRU-190A to a LiteOn DH-20A3P which is not a good idea for LiteOn recorder burner replacement because the Sony has normal fast forward function while the LiteOn will freeze on fast forward when used as burner replacement. Using the Region Free and Book Type Utility requires no flashing, and I see no reason not to use them if you can find a mac version or connect the drive to a PC to use them to set the book type and region free if desired for the Sony DRU-190A.


Hey… that’s terrific thanks a bunch, I FINALLY have a glimmer of knowledge and a little less fear and trepidation.
Still have a coupla questions tho’
Assuming that I hook this baby up to a Mac and put a dvd in it… won’t that only set it for one region? Isn’t there a way to set it to zero for region free? I THINK that’s what I did with the original drive when I first got the machine using the remote.
can I download the two windows utilities, burn them to a cd and put them in the machine… will that work? maybe???
and lastly, for the moment, exactly what does the “book type” utility do?
and, thanks again… I’m already way better off than just yesterday.


I definitely wouldn’t try to flash your dvd burner while it’s in the Lite-on DVR.

A couple of years ago I used the region hack and also a macrovision hack to my 5045.

When I put in the new burner, I didn’t adjust the firmware to the DVR.

I did update the replacement burner’s firmware in the PC (I bought the Sony AD-190A, from 1.04 to 1.05). This may give a little better performance, but it’s probably not that big of a deal if you don’t update your burner’s firmware.

I tried to set the region when it was in the PC by putting in a commercial DVD, but it didn’t ask for it (maybe the burner I got was region free, I don’t know).

When I did put the new burner into the DVR, I put in a commercial DVD from a couple of different regions, but again it didn’t ask for the region code to be set.

If I were you, I’d just first put the new burner into your mac. Put in a commercial DVD. When or if it asks to set the region code, then set it.

That should be good enough.

If you had already applied a region hack before to your DVR, I would think that it would still work afterwards. It shouldn’t matter that you set the region code for the new burner.

If you have trouble playing discs from other regions afterwards, simply apply the region hack again.


Ok, here’s the update…
firstly, the original drive in the 5027HC+ sits in a plastic cradle which contains the holes to align with the fittings on the interior base of the Liteon case to hold it in place. This cradle is not removable and is not duplicated on the new Sony 190A which comes in a standard computer interior drive case format, so even if it DID fit into the load up slot, there’s no way to hold it firm and steady within the unit.
Resorting to the forums again, I decided to try it as an exterior. With much screeching and finger gashing, I hacked a slot into the rear lip of the case lid, borrowed a longer cable and a power extension from a neighbour and HEY the beast works… so far. All I’ve tried on it so far are my data disks with the avi files on them… the ones that my original drive no longer played. I’ll try real dvd’s tonite to test the region code thingy… jeez, what a palava!!
Still, thanks to y’all, my movies are back on display.
I’ll update this thread after the great dvd test.


I replaced the original drive of my LiteOn 5055 wit a Sony DRU190A today.
Tried it first without updating the firmware and setting the region on the PC.
It only played copied DVD’s.
After putting it in the PC, the region code was set to 2. And it works perfect.
Did not burn a DVD yet, but playback works.
It’s a bit of a thight fit in the case, but it’s ok.

Thanks for all the good info here!


Just tested an LG GSA-H22L in a Liteon 5001 and it works flawlessly, including fast forward and reverse scan to 16X. Add another one to the list of replacement drives. These are 18X drives and should still be available. I’ll try one of the newer LG GH22 drives next and report my findings.


Tried the LG GH22 but it won’t initialize discs and skips or freezes on fast forward and reverse scan greater than 4X. Stick wth the LG GSA-H22L if you can find one.

note I had the GSA-H22L freeze on initialization of a disc but that was after I had pulled it for some tests and then replaced it. Since then, I tried another disc and it initialized it just fine. It also seems to work better if it is warm, as it porred along burning several discs in succession though it can get a bit noisy when it starts up.


Would anyone have the .bin file for the DRU-190A firmware (or be able to extract it from their drive)? I’ve got the drive but I cross-flashed it to the LiteOn LH-20A3P a while ago and didn’t seem to save the original firmware, and I can’t crossflash it back without the uncompressed firmware.

Reason I want it is that I’m still trying drives in my LVW-5007 and the 20A3P works but the 5007’s eject button won’t work a lot of the time!

If you have the drive and can hook it up to a computer, the flash_utility program will extract the firmware.



Whoops, that should be [B]DH[/B]-20A3P… (not LH-).


I put in a LG DVD burner in my 5005 and IT WORKS!!!