Replacement Drives for Liteon 5xxx Recorders



Here is the place to list the replacement drives that worked:

Liteon SHW 160P6S
Liteon SHM 165H6S
Liteon SOHW 1693S
Liteon SOHW 1673S
Liteon SOHW 832S
Liteon SOHW 812S
Liteon DW1670
Liteon LH 20A1P
Liteon LH 18A1P
Sony AD-7190A
Sony AWQ170A
Sony DRU-120C
Sony DW-G120A
Sony DRU-820A
Sony DRU-830A
Sony DRU-190A
LG Electronics GSA-H42N-BK

Please add to this list

also check here


Thanks CC Romeo!! I just replaced the drive in my 5005x with a Lite-On LH-18A1P. I would recomend this burner as a good replacement. Its quiter than the 1693 & 160 models. Still no FF. Will not record VCD or SVCD but will play. Otherwise I think its the best replacement that I’ve used so far.


Was wondering about this one as I need to replace the drive in my 5005X and the other ones are out of stock.

The reviews on NewEGG say this is really noisy drive. How has it been for you?
Of course the stock drive in this thing (DDW 451S) is noisy already and now won’t open regularly. Was hoping for a little quieter one.

Thanks for your input.


Oops. Never mind. I see your comments in another thread.


As far as I’m concerned it a real good replacement. Very quiet and it runs a lot cooler than my other burners (1693 & 160) You should be happy with this one.


Will give it a try.
If it is really noisy, NEWEGG will likely exchange it for another.

I think you said you have it sitting outside your box. Maybe that was someone else. What do you do with the cables that are connected to the unit. How do you close the top of unit?


You can’t close the top unless you cut it some, ugly. Fit the new drive inside, I have two that way, neat.


Will let people know how it works out.
The unit right now won’t open the tray unless I try like 10 times.

Otherwise have been happy with it.
Bought the thing off of Ebay new for 70 bucks.
Can’t complain at all really.


Its not ugly. I just raised the center up alittle and protected the wires so the top won’t cut into them. I might put it inside later when I get time to fit it properly. I wanted to make sure that heat and noise wasn’t going to be an issue. I didn’t want to take the time to fit it inside and then have a issue later. I wasn’t happy with the 1693 or the 160 models that I tried so I gess my way saved me some work.


is the model LH-18A1P-487C the one that will work on a 5005

Is it easy to fit.

What is involved

Will all functions work

Thanks for any help



Just replaced the original drive in my Lite-On 5006 recorder with a new [B]Sony DRU-120C[/B] from NewEgg (~$45, including shipping).

I was surprised to find that the original drive in my Lite-On 5006 had a Sony logo (model DDW-813S). It had lost its ability to read various DVD media and had begun to “write fail” and create “invalid discs” a whole lot. I tried cleaning the lens of the original drive, but that did not improve performance.

So I did some research, found out the Sony DRU-120C was a rebadged Lite-On SHM-165P6S, and decided to take a chance on it as a replacement.

Details of my research and experience with this drive are discussed in my previous thread, mainly starting with post #19.

I followed closely the simple installation procedures outlined by TunedPort350 in this thread, which includes some helpful photos. The minor modifications I made with the Sony DRU-120C were essentially the same ones TunedPort350 made for the Lite-On 160P6S replacement drive for his 5005 recorder. I’m guessing the two drives are basically identical on the exterior, and mine now also fits very snugly into my 5006 recorder, using his install procedures.

I am using the MYR5 firmware that came with the DRU-120C from NewEgg, although there is [I]apparently[/I] a recent firmware update - version MYS6. However, the official Sony USA website does not yet list any firmware update for this drive. And since my 5006 is once again performing very well, I am reluctant to update the new burner’s firmware.

I am very happy with the restored performance of my 5006 with this replacement burner. My previous irritating DVD recording problems have been completely solved with the new Sony DRU-120C burner installed.

I use my 5006 recorder only for recording DVDs, and as best I can tell, the machine is now back to perfect performance for that purpose.

I do not make VCD or SVCD recordings. And like most (if not all) the current replacement drive options discussed here, the Sony DRU-120C did [B]not[/B] restore VCD or SVCD recording capabilities to my 5006 recorder, which is of no particular consequence to me.

My 5006 does still record audio CDs.

Unlike most Lite-On 5xxx recorders with replacement drives, however, my newly-rejuvenated 5006 recorder also still has full [B][U]“fast forward” functionality[/U][/B], which [U][I]may[/I][/U] make this Sony DRU-120C burner the most desirable replacement burner available today.

I recommend that anyone interested in possibly using this burner as a replacement drive first read carefully my thread (first link in this post), in order to gain a better understanding of additional details including firmware updates for the Sony DRU-120C drive.

CCRomeo, please add the [B][U]Sony DRU-120C (aka Sony DW-G120A)[/U][/B] as another replacement drive option for Lite-On 5xxx (mine is a 5006) recorders.

Thanks to all who generously offered their assistance.


Fitted drive as specified. was quite easy but had to loose the three little lugs on the front panel above the drive slot as they stopped the drive snuggling into place.

Seems to work ok. I have ff and playback as welll as rec not had time to test all others.

Point of interest my 5005 has a 5006 main board in it




If for any reason you want to try the MYS6 firmware for your drive you can get it here,


Thanks paps33,

I have downloaded a copy of the MYS6 firmware, but the Sony USA site still lists [B][U]no[/U][/B] firmare update for the Sony DRU-120C burner (aka Sony DW-G120A, Lite-On SHM-165P6S).

Is European and USA/Canada firmware interchangeable? I have [U][B]un[/B][/U]hacked Lite-on 5xxx recorder firmware (version 101), and my recorder is [U][B]not[/B][/U] region-free, so I don’t want to mess that up.

Since my Lite-On 5006 recorder with the new Sony DRU-120C replacement drive is now again performing very well, I am reluctant to upgrade the new drive with any firmware not listed on the Sony USA firmware site here.


Gary G,

Did you also use the Sony DRU-120C for your replacement drive?

I also had to widen the small openings on the front of the drive above the drawer to make it fit perfectly. I used a pair of wire clippers to trim the metal just a little, and the DRU-120C slid right into place - snug against the body of the Lite-On recorder, supported by the original metal bracket in front (original plastic legs removed) and resting on the old plastic legs in the rear.

With those slight modifications, I think mine is now a perfect fit.


I put a LiteOn DW1670 (aka Philips/BenQ DVD8900) in my 5005, and it seems to work fine. Fitting was a bit fiddly, I ended up taking the bottom metal plate off, hacking some metal off the front of the top bit, and when I came to put it in the case I had to lift the back up a little with some folded paper to make everything line up nicely.

The only problem is that sometimes when the unit is turned off I get faint ‘ticking’ noises, presumably from the drive. Can be fixed by pulling the power out, turning off and on and waiting a bit usually. Anyone else noticed this?

Thanks to all who’ve posted on how to do this.



ipl Do you have all origional functions? We are looking for a drive that maintains all functions (FF, SVCD & CD ect.). Please post info. on this.


I can play commercial DVDs (Only Region 2, as I can’t find region free firmware)

I can play and record DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW.

I don’t have any DVD-RW discs.

Skipping chapters works fine. Fast forward works fine. I’ll try playing an audio CD tonight (is that what you meant by CD?) and an SVCD if I can find one.

Any other functions you’re interested in?



What I’m looking for is to record a CD-R. Some of the Lite-On (ALLWRITE) units recorded a CD in VCD or SVCD mode. No one has been able to find a replacement that will burn CD’s (yet). This is what I am hoping to find. Thanks for the info.
happy recording!


Dr. Paul

See my post in this thread (#10 above). The replacement drive I installed in my 5006 [U]will[/U] record an audio CD, but will [U]not[/U] record a VCD or SVCD.