Replacement Drive LVD-2001

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DVD Recorder. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have a Lite-On LVD-2001 DVD Player with Lite-On DTD-166S DVD-ROM
drive. The drive is bad and this model is apparently out of production.

Can someone tell me a currently offered, reasonably priced replacement drive that will install/work in this unit? And where’s a good internet seller to buy the replacement drive?

(I’m knowledgeable about computer drives but not consumer electronics. To me the DVD-ROM drive has interfaces like a computer IDE DVD-ROM drive, but the case and mounting arrangements are different. If I can use a computer drive that would be great, since they’re cheap, but I don’t know if the interfaces are really the same …)


Gus, a google search shows that someone else did replace the drive (with a DVS brand that probably isn’t available) and that it is a standard IDE drive.

If you’re in the US, Staples has a Memorex DVD drive (reader) on clearance in-store for $15.50 - if you can find one you could see if that works. I don’t know if anyone here has experience with this particular unit as most of the discussion is about the LiteOn DVD recorders.

If it’s a standard IDE drive that answers part of the question. But the
case and mounting arrangement is definitely different than a computer
drive such as that mentioned that’s sold by Staples.

Lite-On actually made a computer drive equivalent to my DTS-166S, which was designated LVD-166S. But the case was metal vs my plastic case, and the mounting screw holes are in significantly different locations.

What I’m hoping to find is a consumer electronics style DVD drive that
mounts in my Lite-On DVD player case.