Replacement drive for HP Probook 6550b which can read M-Discs

Hi everyone:

My sister has an HP Probook 6550b laptop. It’s important that she can read certain M-Discs I have and would burn in future. Is it possible to replace the default burner in her machine (HP P/N 613360-001) with another drive that can read M-Discs?


Are you burning M-Disc DVD or M-Disc Blu-ray?

According to M-Disc, most DVD drives can read their M-Disc DVD’s. You shouldn’t have to change the drive unless you’ve already tried this and had the laptop drive fail already. Have you finalized the disc after burning? Many software burning programs, like ImgBurn, will do this automatically.

M-Disc Blu-ray conform to Blu-ray standards and are readable by any drive that reads Blu-ray format.

Instead of replacing the existing drive, you might want to consider an external drive, using USB to connect to the laptop. It is possible to replace laptop drives, but I’m not the one to advise you on that. Maybe Albert or one of the others drive experts around here will show up and help.


Mostly on M-Disc DVDs. Yes, I burned a couple of M-Disc DVDs on my newly-acquired Pioneer BDR-209D burner. They test as nearly flawless in my Pioneer, but the HP could not even read them. It just kept spinning up and spinning down. If you read the online reviews, not all drives can read M-Discs, in spite of Milleniata’s claims. And there is even a warning on the box of M-Discs that I bought that states you could damage your drive. I don’t know if that’s just lawyers coveing for liability or if it’s really likely.

I really only need her to have read capability, and I’d rather not add an external to the mix (cost of drive, plus enclosure, plus another device on a small desk, etc)

I was thinking of something like this:

Especially if this is just an occasional need for reading the M discs.

But hang on, maybe someone will come up with a good replacement drive for that laptop.

Here’s a 9.5mm laptop drive with M-DISC support for your consideration::


It’s not the greatest burner, but it should be fine as a reader.


I know some of you know me from my other, long thread. You know that I already asked about M-Disc burner brands. Is it any different for laptops? IOW, are there any more reliable brands of burners than LG? My last two were duds.