Replacement CD Burner - Maybe DVD

Hello all,

There’s a lot of good info on this site. I’m really a newbie and am intimidated a little to post. I’ve done some searches, but I’m still confused.

My CD Burner in my 3-year old pc is not doing well. I want to replace it. I can get a Liteon 52x32x52 (5239) for about $25. That sounds good. But I read reviews here and they say Plextor Premium for ($80) is the way to go. Other posts I read say forget the cd-burner, get a dvd-burner for $50.

I will be using this burner 99% for CDs. I don’t even know what dvd feature I would ever use. I make mp3 cds for my car. I copy cds for my car. That’s about it.

I want quality cd burns. If it does DVD, then I want that to be good too. What do you recommend? A CD Burner - is that Liteon okay? A Dvd Burner instead? I’m open to either, but I want quality CD Burns the most.

Thanks for any help

Don’t be intimidated! Welcome :bigsmile:

Opinions will vary on this, but I’d get a DVD burner anyway - who knows, you may well use the DVD burning bits!

I’ve only ever used two makes of DVD burner (LiteOn and LG), but I’d recommend them both. My older LiteOn (I have two) can be a little picky as far as media goes, but I find the LG will burn anything well - as, so far, will my newer LiteOn. I’d buy another LiteOn or LG tomorrow!

Anyway, just wanted to welcome ya :slight_smile:

I’d go with the plextor premium, if you say you use it only for cds then is a cd burner better for your cds. A dvd burner burns them well, too but personally from what i’ve seen
now a premium should do it better.

The Liteon CD burner you quote is pretty good as is the LG4163B DVD burner that Arachne quotes. I’ve got an earlier 40x Liteon & the LG, plus a Benq 1620. Of the 2 DVD burners I prefer the LG.

The other factor is the CD media. I’ve experienced problems burning CDs for my car stereo. The manual says it won’t play CD-R media. However, with either Verbatim Pastels or Super AZO media is absolutely fine. I’ve a 100% success rate with these.

There is no doubt in my mind that a quality CD burner will do a better job than a quality DVD burner, although the differences may be marginal.

Every dvd burner has its strong and weak points. There are some that are very strong cd burners. Unfortunatlly I do very little cd burning so I cannot say which is the best for cd, but there are several very good burners you can get on newegg for about 40$ (liteon, nec, benq). If you like the plextor, get it, but if you want to go a little cheaper, there are plenty of dvd burners that are not much more expensive than a cd burner. Even though you only use cd now, I’m betting once you get a dvd burner, you will be suprized how usefull they are compared to cd (not just movies but burning data etc). Its worth a few extra dollars for the dvd burning capabilities.
Fyi there is no one best burner. there are defanatly some crap ones, but there are multiple good ones you can get cheap. Each has its strong and weak points and it is about imposible to say one is the best. Obviouslly cd burning capabilities is something you need to be a strong point. Look for a 2 sheep burner (has to do with with its ability to read cd copy protections).
A perfect place to look would be the cd freaks reviews. They usally do a very good job of identifying how good of cd burners the various dvd drives are that get reviewed. You could also use what people recomend to narrow it down, just remember, there is no one best drive so it is normal for diffrent people to say diffrent drives are the best. If you spend a little time to find out about the various features of drives, not only in reguard to cd burning, but also dvd burning, and then see which drive among the top few recomended drives fits your desired features and capabilities the most, you will be much happier than if you just make a quick decision.
My personal recomendations would be to look at benq, nec and liteon (plextors are good too but just my personal opinion, they are a tad overpriced). See what others opinions are an I think you will find that there are a few drives that are considered among the best.

hi, in my humble opinion if you want speed and bit setting choose the Benq 1640, if its quality burns go for the LG, I have both 1640 and the LG 4163b, and both are good in they’r oun rights.

Here is a little help. These are not nesasarilly the drives I recomend, but rather the more popular brands, and the links should bring you right to the page on cd burning performance.

This is by no means a complete list of good drives (or even all the burners from these manufactures). It is just a few of the more recently reviewed ones. the first link is cd burning quality, the second is the sheep test for each drive. Here are all the reviews if if you want to look at more models.
I would narrow it down to a couple of drives that seem to best fit your needs, then post asking any particular questions you have about them.