Replacement burnner

I’m new to the forum but I’m sure this question has been asked before.
I need a dual layer burner that allows bit setting with the DVD+R DL format. I know the NECs do this with a firmware change but it would void the warranty. I have a dynex burner that doesn’t seem to burn very well. The firmware update site had a bit setting tool for the 8X drive but it doesn’t work with the 16X drive. So I’d like to replace it. I don’t do tons of burning but need to be able to play dvds with older DVD players.

Lite-on burners and its rebadged models (such as Sony) are able to select booktype for every burning (obviously only for + media).

Also Benq burners have this function.

If price doesn’t mind for you, Plextor burners are the better choice.

Not sure, but in Pioneer burners the official firmware set automatically booktype as ROM for all DL media.

I read Sony did not support bit setting and I did not know they were Lite-on burners. I like Pioneer over Plextor. I have a Plextor 708A that stopped reading and burning CDs after 12 months. The DVDs still burned so I kept it. Do you have any model numbers that I should look for?

BenQs do very good +R burning. Plus they have a utility to change th book type.

The benq 1620’s seem to perform well (had some issues with quality control, dead drives but if they worked, they worked great). I wouldn’t worry to much about the voiding the waranty stuff. Get a good drive, use it for a little while with official firmware to make sure it is ok, then use whatever firmware you like. It does void your waranty, and you do take the responsibility for that decision, but with the good burners, it’s very low risk. many people here use unofficial firmware and wouldn’t do so if it were that great of a risk. Three out of 4 drives that I have are running altered firmware, and the only reason that the fourth is official, is that the official firmware is working great for me, and most of the modded firmwares are based on the specific official version that I am still using.

I have a friend with a BenQ He likes it but he has never burned a dual layer disc on it. BenQ looks like a good value so far. Is there a place to go to see if my current Dynex burner has some patched firmware available? I’m not sure who actually makes this thing and I dont know how I could find out.

HMM… looks like it’s a BTC drive the firmware versions match (A188).

It seems I knew what drive it was in the past (someone mentioned it I think), but for the life of me, I cannot remember. I just did a little searching on cdfreaks, which clued me in (smoking to much crack tonight me thinks)…
Looks like it is a btc which is a total piece of shit.
If you act quick, you can get a benq for a good deal (see this post)
I am not saying in any way the benq is the best or will do what you want (check it out first, maybe someone else will post with some info), I’m just linking to a good deal on a drive that MAY OR MAY NOT fit the bill.
Fyi here is where I found out what your dynex is
Double linked, saw it, to lasy to fix it, live with it…

I’ve been looking around and I haven’t found many positive things said about this drive. It was very sneaky to hide their bad name under another label. It’s going back to Best not Buy tomorrow. I think their bit setting tool only works with the 4X and 8X drives. Because I can’t get it to work with my drive. I put the Burned DVDs in some players and the word “ERROR” pops up and it kicks the disc out. I wish I knew all this 1/2 a dozen DL coasters ago. I guess I’ll get the BenQ 1620. Any other models to suggest? The NEC looks good if I flash it. The Plextor is twice the price. Is it twice the burner? I doubt it.

My opinion only, the plex and other high priced drives are not worth the money, but onwers of those drives may be able to tell you about thier capabilities and they may matter to you. Personally, the 60$ drives (right now),give or take, benq, nec, lg (I know absolutlly nothing about the lg’s but they are mentioned so often and well reguarded, I include them, you can get a benq 1620 for 50$ with al kinds of shit (like free media)
I’m not saying that is the best drive, I’m saying, check it out, make a decision, and if you want a benQ, the link I gave is a hell of a deal (that may be gone tomorow, seriouslly, or it may be cheaper, or more expensive).
I have to edit this because you are a newbie, and I may be to quick to give advice. The last two computers I have built for friends, have included benq 1620 drives and both have performed well. The benq drives do have a reputation for high defective rates, doa drives, or drives that die too early. Including that risk, both of the friends I built computers for, have 1620’s that perform great. Thier has been some info on the forums, that it is only oem drives that have problems? Understand that risk.
edit again, trying to respond to and write more than one thread that involved the 1620.
I would check out the nec 3540. Thier is a cdfreaks review on it (havent had time to check it out, been way to busy). Defanatly check out nec, benq, and lg. My info is dated by a few months but look a those drives. the 1620 is a good drive and its a great deal, but thier may be beter for 80$ or under. The 1620 is best for the money as it is a great deal now (45$ with all the4 extras is mega chaeap).

From what I’ve seen and my own experience, these drives will do a good job on DVD +R DL:

  1. Plextor 716A, MKM001 at 6x, good DL burner but expensive drive. Most of the scans in the Plextor forum show good quality.
  2. BenQ 1640A, here is a DL thread started by COdeKing. The drive is not available in the US yet.
  3. NEC 3540. MKM001 at 8x. Not to good but I’ve seen some good ones. The drive was released few weeks ago so not to many DL burns in the NEC forum, yet.

From those three I would choose Plextor 716A to do DVD+R DL burning.

If dual layer with the qualifications you stated are very important, I would follow zevia’s advice. He is a very qualified member of this forum and I know that I respect his advice and knoledge.
Out of curosity, why do you need to use such expensive disks???
You are aware that the contents of the average comercial pressed dual layer disk, can be compressed and easilly fit on a single layer disk, right? Thier is quality loss (but it is so minimal that you will not detect it unless you have a high quality big screen, or pause a lot, etc).

Yes I know DLs are pricey. I won’t use them all the time but only for a few home projects like converting home movies to DVD. I’ve found converting and compressing really drops the quality of the mpeg. The home dvd drive plays the current burnned DVD to the half way point and freezes. The other home unit just says error when the DVD is put in. I believe if I could do bit setting I could resolve these problems. I have used the nero recompile with anydvd but the menus are messed up. The movie will play and the quality is very good but special features and stuff are blank. They were selected to be burned but they didn’t burn correctly.
Thanks to all for the great suggestions. I’ll start reasearching the models mentioned tonight.
There is allot of good information here. I really like this forum. :slight_smile:

You guys forgot the LG drives. They are very good drives as well as the ones you listed above. If I was in the market for a replacement drive I would definately look at the newest LG drives.

I’ve currently got a Benq 1620 & LG 4163B. The Benq offers quality scanning & permanent bitsetting, neither of which the LG offer. The lg supports DVD-RAM.

Otherwise they’re both comparable & competant burners, which I don’t regret buying.

True. I forgot to add LG 4163, which is also an excellent drive and burn DL nicely. Hereare one DL scans burn by agent009 (post#231) and one more scan below his post. If you’re not familiar with quality test, here’s a good reading: Interpreting PI/PO error scans.

In general, all of those drives will burn quality media very well. You just need to feed them with a quality media.

Is there a differance between the Benq 1620 and the 1620 pro?

I’m pretty sure that the only diffrence is firmware so you can used hacked firmware and make a non pro a pro.

The reviews I read at CDR labs were very helpful. It looks like the BenQ gives more bang for the buck. I also looked at a Pioner DVR-A09XL that was recomended from another forum I post at. A good drive but the bitsetting feature for other disc types (DVD+R/RW) isn’t there. The Plextor is more money then I can spend right now. The Plextor 708A that I have just quit reading CDs after 13 months (looks like a known problem with that drive). The Tech support was a joke. They just kept kept telling me I had bad media. It was ONE month out of warranty. I think they should have replaced the drive for a known problem like that. Even if it was just out of waranty. I paid like 200 bucks for that drive new. My confidence in the Plextor name has been shaken.
The BenQ bonus pack at New Egg looks like the best deal.


no, even the firmware is the same… check at the official BenQ download page for models 1620/1620 Pro. :wink:


a hint for you: use and abuse the [cdfsearch=1620 pro differences]search function[/cdfsearch] of CDFreaks. It is really powerful! :iagree:
In a few seconds you would have found a thread like this one:slight_smile:

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