Replacement Burner

I have read on here somewhere, but can’t find it now, that people have replaced the burner in there recorder. Can it be replaced with any make and model of burner or does it only work with certain ones.
I recently purchased a LVW-5006 and the damn thing won’t read DVD+RW. It reads them the first time you put them in, it prepares the disk and then if you remove the disk or turn the unit off it won’t recognize them again. It comes up saying no disk, even the one that was supplied with the recorder, DVD-RW on the other hand work fine. I tried to do a firmware update but it keeps reading the CD as data disk and never starts the update process. I have wasted 3 CD’s trying, I used nero 7 and selected DATA CD ISO.
I have a Pioneer DVD-RW 108 in my PC, and with them being so cheap now was wondering if I could put that into the recorder and put the Lite-On one in my PC.
If you could help me out with the firmware process, maybe supply the settings to use in burning apps to make a compatible disk, that would be great. I want to try that first to see if it corrects any of the reading problems.

using the LiteOn drive from you 5006 not a good idea due to its very slow read speed and hardware fit.
For a replacement a LiteOn SOHW 1693 or 1673 works great, some others may also work fine (do some reading)

Just to make sure you are unzipping the update first right? In Nero Express (I just upgraded to the 6 Ultra from OEM and have not done a update since),I just choose cd and them make data disk, make sure it is finalized and no multisession. You could verify after buring to make sure its good. You could also try going to the setup screen and doing a system restore to default with the upgrade cd in it. This is what has worked for me. If you are at fw 098 and want to keep the no MV don’t go to 101.

Most completely successful burner replacement have been using LiteOn Drives that I know of. I used my old 832s and as CCRomeo mentioned others have used the 1693s and 1673s burners.

I had an older 812s in my 5005A for a short time but the 1693s made better burns.

You mentioned not using the recorders drive in a PC because of its hardware fit, does that mean they are not standard size drives. I looked up prices for the drives you mentioned and the images look as if they are standard.

Yes I did unzip the file and used both the full nero and the express to create a DataCD but thats all the recorder saw it as. I haven’t tried the system restore with the CD in the drive, I will give that a try. I am not bothered about MacroVision removal because I will only ever be transferring from Sky+.

Thanks for the help.

Does the drive that is standard in the recorder support dual layer?

Drives in the recorders have plastic cases no standard side mounting screw holes, no way to fit on a drive front so it may work just may not look to good. Drives also use a very slow read speed to be quiet, so may have a hard time reading some media.
LiteOn 800 and 1600 series drives are compact and short they fit nicely into the recorders case. The drives standard in LiteOn recorders do not support dual layer and the 1600 series will not record DL when used as a replacement in LiteOn recorders. New units being made some support DL recording.

just wanted to say thanks to all you guys for finding tricks to fix. I just ordered a 1693s from newegg, 43 including shipping for retail model to put in my ailing 5005.wish me luck!!!

Steps (for drive replacement) revised for newer cases
(No metal cutting needed)

  1. Open drive draw remove draw face plate (bezel) (pops up and off) then disconnect power
  2. Open LiteOn recorder case (6 screws)
  3. Detach power connector and IDE cable
  4. Remove grounding bracket (2 screws)
  5. Unscrew and remove old drive (4 screws) lift up and back
  6. Remove 2 grounding springs (2 screws)

replacement drive prep

  1. Open drive draw remove draw face plate (pops up and off)
  2. Unclip and remove drive face plate (about 5 clip points)
  3. Unscrew and remove drive bottom (4 screws)
  4. Reuse screws to attach 2 grounding springs (4 screws)
  5. Use side cutting pliers to remove 3 small plastic parts in the LiteOn case (at the top of the drive opening)

install in recorder

  1. mount replacement drive in case (double sided tape if needed)
  2. Re fit grounding bracket and anti static springs (bend slightly as needed)
  3. Attach power connector and IDE cable
  4. Attach draw face plate (bezel) (some minor plastic trimming with razor blade needed)
  5. Check fit and draw operation (adjust if needed)
  6. Replace LiteOn case cover
  7. Power up check SN and test operation

Once you get the hang it it, can be done in 5 minites

Managed now to update the firmware, the system restore with the CD in the drive worked. Doesn’t mention that bit of information anywhere on Lite-On’s website or in the manual. My recorder already had the latest software FW, but it did upgrade the drives FW, it went from B20B to B20G. The recorder now recognizes the DVD+RW’s that originally it wouldn’t. Think now I don’t have to replace the drive, until it dies that is, but I will know exactly how to do it.

Thanks for the help.

Glad it worked out for you, it always works for me, found it by trial and error when my 451s refused to recognize the update cd. Ain’t forums great to share stuff with one another :smiley:

a great place for help when LiteOn offers very little

CC, just installed my 1693s into my 5005A and all is well with the world!! Went fairly smoothly except I had to remove the drive from the 5005 before taking off the grounding assembly since it was screwed on to the bottom of the 451s. Recorded protected VHS and plays in other players fine. Only could apply KSOA firmware to 1693s, could not find B on site. Hopefully will not make much difference. Thanks for everyones help!!

@slinkmo - you can get the KSOB fw from the LiteOn site here

Little difference between KSOA and KOSB, KOSB reads 3 more media

@CCRomeo - any chance of posting the media codes from KSOB here? I have not installed it yet. Thanks

Hey Guy you can also get KC4B …

What’s new in KC4B
A revised WOPC pattern.
Less errors at the outside of the disc.
Supports +/-R media.

It work’s great
Codeking & Pulsee are the one’s to thank

did you have any problems with KC4B? Is it better than KSOB?


Can you put a NEC burner in the 5005 recorder? :confused:
I have a ND-3520A.

I don’t care about stetics, just media/burner compatibility and good burns.

Many thanks ya’ll … :bigsmile:

DON’T DO what I DID:

Wanting a nice fit and finish and not wanting to perform surgery on my tray pane I disassembled my SOHW-1693s and “cleverly” reassembled it into the bad DDW-813S plastics figuring if I merely switched the sled and PCB boards everything would be happy. NOPE :Z :Z :Z The timing gears or something is apparently different and the drive drawer will initially eject. Then when you push the drawer back in with a DVD it will behave badly - swallowing the DVD and refusing to eject. Very frustrating. After FAR too much fussing and fiddling I elected to put the 1693s back in its original home. Doesn’t fit as well. Used a fair amount of duct tape stablizing the drive into the appropriate position. But it is working well.

I am using the KC4B firmware. Too early for me to report benefits or problems with the firmware.

This “five minute process” was NOT five minutes. If one had a good picture tutorial and you allow time for finding and setting up the drive firmware, the bitsetting, and region-free a cautious first-timer could probably finish it in 1-2 hours (provided they didn’t try to swap drive cases). My experience was actually much longer - I refused to give up on the case swap for FAR too long :o .

UPDATE: 1693s is working great EXCEPT I can’t record VCD or SVCD. Any ideas on how to address this?