Replacement burner for low-spec PC



Hi everyone

As my LiteOn SOHW-1653 no longer works, I am now looking for a new DVD burner. My system is an AMD Duron 950Mhz with 128MB of RAM, running WinXP. This was within the requirements stated by LiteOn, and the burner previously worked on my system with no problems at all (the fault that killed it was purely mechanical).

I am considering either the LG 4163B or the Pioneer DVR 109 as replacement. Having looked at LG and Pioneer’s websites, however, I am a little put off by the claimed system requirements. Pioneer specify that at least 256MB of RAM is necessary for their burners, whereas LG recommend 512MB. My question is, do some burners really have higher RAM requirements than others? Or is this simply down to the requirements of the bundled software?

Can I safely take it that if one burner (the LiteOn) works with my system, then any other burner should work too? Note that I only burn at 4x with no other applications running - it therefore does not matter if I can’t reach 16x.

Thanks in anticipation, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


The more RAM the better, especially when you perform “high-speed” DVD burning.
The 109 has to be connected within a 80-wire IDE cable to get the best performance, BTW.
The 109 is one of the less burners that have an UDMA4 connection Interface Host. Most of all dvd burners have UDMA2.