Replacement Bridgeboard for Mapower MAP-5021

I just got a really cheap Mapower MAP-5021 enclosure off eBay (2-bay 5.25" w/2-port Firewire 400 bridge), and I’m wondering, does anyone have suggestions on where I can buy a faster bridgeboard that I can use in place of the Oxford 911 bridge currently in the unit?

By faster, I mean I want to replace it with Oxford 911+, GL811E-04, eSATA, or some combination of those.

IOI has a large selection of bridge boards. I do not know if you have a distributor of IOI products in your country.

I made my external eSATA - USB - Firewire enclosure with IOI brideboards. The good point with IOI boards is most boards fits in the standard SCSI holes.

The support of IOI is if you need it fast, and in my case they were able to help me and send me a firmware working with my drives :slight_smile:


Here are also two other sources for bridge boards from my link collection when I was looking for bridgeboards to make my external eSATA - USB - Firewire enclosure: