Replacement Battery for Dell Inspiron 1764

Purchased Batterie for my Dell Inspiron 1764 and seems it recognizes it but doesn’t look like it’s charging any. Tried to update Bios Through Dell but it says that is the same or older so wouldn’t update. This batterie is a Dell battery but may not be OEM original equipment. How do I get the computer to recognize it and enable it to be charged? I don’t know what to do to make this work. Thanks, Sandra

Is this one of those issues where the new battery needs to be left ‘charging’ for 24 hours or so? I am uncertain if this Dell model requires one certain battery’s ID circuitry - I hope not. I’d expect the battery seller’s website to address this issue, though, OR perhaps it’s just a bad battery? (If I left it on, charging overnight and came back with zero-change in Charge Status, I’d definitely suspect “bad unit”.)