Replaced sony dru500ax with liteon 1673s

I just replaced my Sony DRU500A with a Liteon 1673S to be able to copy my dvds quicker. I did a copy on the sony drive and it took me 12:31 to complete it running at 4X. This was using the Nero 6.0 quick copy software and a Memorex 4X dvd. I took the Sony drive out and replaced it with the Liteon using a Taiyo Yuden 8X dvd and then copied the same dvd and it took me 16:57 to complete. I then tried it on a Sony 8X dvd and it took me 17:17. The only thing different in the copies is that my used read buffer on the sony runs at 100% and on the Liteon it runs at 49%. I checked my drives(hard drives and dvd drives) and all of them had ultra dma enabled. This is the second Liteon that I am using and have a week left to return it to Newegg. I’ve upgraded the firmware to S02. I’ve seen some writeups on a new firmware S05 available on the cdfreaks website but I’m afraid to use it because of warranty problems. Has anyone else had this problem? I sure would appreciate any help you can give.

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If your ‘current transfer mode’ is truly ‘Ultra dma mode 2’ or better, then the reason for your slow burns and buffer underruns may be caused by a fragmented HDD or you are heavily multitasking during a burn or maybe your source HDD and burner are on the same IDE channel. Check those things and let us know if that helps. At 8x burn speed, you should see burn times around 10 minutes for a full-disc-burn.

I contacted Liteon support about the problem and told them I was using Nero 6 express to copy the dvd. They think my problem could be that my source drive is a 4X dvd-r reader causing the slow down. That sounds logical to me. Never thought about it when I bought the 16X burner. If I am copying dvd to dvd should I look for a dvd rom that can read dvd-r’s at 16X and is there such an animal on the market now?

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Welcome:)…I forgot that in my first post to you :o . I didn’t quite get the ‘burn-on-the-fly’(disc-to-disc) from your first post. Liteon support is correct(not that they need my validation). Your 1673 is capable of read speeds of up to 16x on some media, you could try the -R discs and see. There are dvd-rom drives that also read that fast as well. You should be able to burn ‘on-the fly’ at 8x speed with a faster reader/writer. You may find your best speed with what you have is to burn disc-to-HDD with the 1673, then burn HDD-to-disc again in your 1673…still might be about 15 minutes…I don’t know if it is possible today to burn disc-to-disc at 16x and get good results. Which is a nice segue into…

You can check your results with Kprobe 2.4.2 BLER scans (scanned at 4x scan speed the forum standard for comparison). You can read Interpreting PI/PO error scans to find out what these graphs mean. PI/PO is now referred to as PI/PIF. Roughly, PImax<280; PIFmax<4. Attaching disc quality scans to your post will be helpful if you have other problems.

I checked out the Rom drive that I have installed and it is a StarLogic 16X6S. I believe it is made by Lite-on. I still can’t get it to copy a full dvd-r in less then 17 minutes at 8X.
Here are some of the reports you asked for:

@ cruising60
To burn ‘on-the-fly’, you will get better, faster results if your source drive and target drive are not on the same IDE channel. Your two drives ARE on the same IDE channel. You may want to move one of them if you wish to get faster performance. Your current config means that these drives are sharing a data transfer path. Data travels in only one direction at a time, that is where your bottleneck is. :wink:

Also, your dvd-rom is capable of faster read speeds with modded firmware…read this :cool:

The two cd-dvd speed tests above look excellent. :iagree:

Let us know how it goes.

Thank you. I think we may be getting somewhere. I have 2 IDE Channels on my system, one that supports two hard drives and one that supports a dvd rom and dvd burner. Should I split them up so that each has one hard drive and one dvd drive on it. If so, what would be the primary device, the hard drive or the dvd drive. Thanks again.

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It is up to you and your needs, but for your case I would try and put the OperatingSystem HDD on Pri-Mas, and your dvd-rom as Pri-slave. Then your 1673 as Sec-Mas and your data HDD as sec-slv. I would use the 1673 to rip to OS HDD, then burn from OS HDD to 1673. You can also burn on-the-fly from 166 to 1673. You might have problems ripping from 166 to OS HDD and burning from Data HDD to 1673 or ripping 1673 to data HDD, but there are always some sacrifices to make when using just 32 IDE channel for 4 drives. You can always move things around if you don’t like the config. Don’t forget to change your jumpers around if you are changing anything from mas to slv or slv to mas, but it looks like you may just have to swap IDE cables as your 166 is already slave and your 1673 is master.
Let us know if this works for you

Thanks for all your help. Will let you know how it comes out after I make the swap. Probably won’t be till after Easter holidays.