Replaced drive in my 5005 but

So I checked my serial after firmware upgrade and replacing the drive in my liteon 5005. it is 0102-1241-0098-ksob(015-010b), so from what I’ve
read it is hacked. the drive is flashed to KSOB, the new drive is the sohw 1693. the new drive plays copies, and records well but it still wont play copyright dvds. ive checked the region setting and it is region free.

I dont know what else to do really, what do you think?

I haven’t tried this yet - but I think this might be relevant to your problem:
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Hi jm1647, and others,

I popped the drive in my computer (data cable wouldn’t stretch over to the 5005), reset the drive to region free, reinstalled the drive in the 5005, and all is well. The machine now reads and writes DVD+RWs and DVD+Rs, and reads commercial DVDs. Better than new, in fact. And better than endless repairs.

To summarise: the Liteon 1693 drive works fine as a replacement in the 5005. But you will need to set the region code manually, or else use the region free hack, both for drive and system. Because the 1693 isn’t able to go through its region-setting routine unless it’s inserted in a PC.

Many, many thanks to Jm, Mr Horse and others for their sage advice and examples.

This quote comes from the “Drive change ?” thread on the LVW-5005. Do a search on “1693s 5005” and you should find that thread. I am still waiting for my 1693s to arrive to try it myself - but the procedure seems to be to install it on your computer first and then run the LtnRPC utility on the drive to set it as region free (even if you use the “remote code” on your 5005) before you install it. Hope this helps. Please post back as I will be treading this path soon.

thanks for the reply, i was beginning to feel all alone, I shall try that at once!!

Hi grover, that rpc tool worked and it plays copyrighted fine now. It seems the 1693 is a better drive too, seems quieter. i had a slight problem playing something i recorded but two more tests after that proved it was okay, probably a media problem. so using the rpc tool I chose just “Disable”. It didnt go thru straight away, froze, so had to restart pc. after third go it disabled the region, give message about an error and “rpc may be disabled” so you know it worked if you see that. Tried playing dvd in windows media player but got problems, was ready to throw my toys, but put the rom back in the Liteon anyway and…it worked. So to recap:

you flash the 1693 to “KSOB”, another version may work but thats what i read from “ccromeo” on the forum and thats what i got. I think then you ‘rpc’ it as you said. perhaps leaving the firmware alone and just rpc-ing it like u said may work. But whats worked for me, eventually, is to flash to KSOB, then RPC it, then stick it in. then you may have to flash the liteon itself via cd, i used a hacked 0098 version. maybe i can email that to you if you need, maybe it will work without the last 0098 flash. good luck!!!