Replaced 3yo NEC-1300A with BenQ DW-1655: Dude, Sweet!

My trusty NEC 1300A was starting to fail; both due to (over-/ab)use and the fact that it couldn’t really handle newer (8x+) media very well with it’s 4x maximum. It was showing increasingly high error rates, even though no fails to date. A great little burner that cut over 1500 DVDs for me.

Thanks to The Club (as I like to call it :wink: ) I decided to opt for a brandnew BenQ DW-1655 (toyed with a NEC 4550 and played with the idea of a 1640, but decided to go for the newer BenQ).

And what a difference it makes! Much cleaner burns, much faster, and all in all a very good buy.

Thanks to all the info everyone here always graciously shares, I was able to make a great purchase and not waste any money on crappy hardware. Cheers! :clap:

The great thing about the 1650/55 is that it is better with some 16x burns, something the 1640 hasn’t improved at (a future f/w might improve its 16x writing, but nothing really has yet). Plus, I’m sure BenQ will keep up their consistently good f/w updates, although I would caution you to wait a little while (2 weeks) before upgrading to another f/w, especially if you are getting very good results with the one you already use. If you notice a good collection of high quality burn scans with a new f/w, then it’s probably a good idea to upgrade it. So check out the Benq 1655 quality scans thread in the BenQ/Phillips burner forum to keep tabs on these and to post your own results with CD-DVD Speed. :wink:

1655 is a great burner, but the DL issue is a really nasty “feature”.

It seems few burners do well on burning DL media, mainly because DL media hasn’t improved to the point of having the same good results as recording on SL media. I’ve yet to see a single DL scan on any burner than truly impresses me by its burn quality, and certainly I’ve seen no results close to compressing 8.5 gb to a good SL media. It seems like the DL side is a long way from getting to SL quality…

Ditto! DL not ready for prime time! So makes you wonder about BLUE Ray doesn’t it!

While DL may be plagued by many bad available medias save for the Verbatims there are examples of very good quality burns on DL media by different burners in the reviews. The NEC 3540 does very well with MKM 001 2.4x rated DL media at 8x burn speed evidenced in the Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9-8X DVD Burner Review. Again in the Lite-On SHW-16H5S DVD Burner Review and also in the Lite-On SHW-1635S DVD Burner Review.
We certainly don’t have the pricing and wide range of MIDs to choose from as we do with SL media but there is evidence of good burn quality coming about.

Also the Pioneers 110 range does it very good at 8x on 2.4x rated Verbs and also on 4x -R DL Verbs - which no other drive can so far. :wink: