Replace Toshiba DVD and LiteOn CD-RW with LiteOn Combo?

Hey folks, I’ve been a long time user of a Toshiba SD-M1402 and LiteOn 40125W for my backups and standard reading/writing. Now I am planning on replacing it with the LiteOn LTC-48161H drive. Reason being is that my current machine is out of IDe channels due to my Pioneer A06 and my Promise Ultra100 card is not playing nice with my nForce2 board. So basically, I am planning on dumping the above mentioned drives, the controller, and picking up the LTC-48161H so that I can put all my devices back on my mobo’s IDE channels. Now, will I lose any sort of functionality based on the drives I currently have? I know the Toshi is and excellent reader of protected audio and games, and I’ve never had it gimme any problems while backing up. Now will the combo LiteOn produce very similar results or would I be losing some important aspect? Thanks for any help you can provide.

Why not just get a dvd burner? THis way you can read and write bother DVD and CDs.