Replace missing Files

Now that McAfee was nice enough to remove the Dfab files required to update the product… how does one get these files back? Is there a way of download loading the files from the forum. I have removed all dfab files (program files) and reinstalled, but it says it can’t find the inst000 files to rename. I have looked at the program files and the inst000.exe file is not there. Under McAfee virus dection log lists the two missing Dfab files that were removed. It would be nice to be able to update Dfab and get these files back. Way to go Mcafee!!!:a

Do a clean uninstall this link is for XP and this is for VISTA . Follow the directions exactly as said and it should install correctly. Redownload from this forum and save to computer and then I usually do this extra steps on clean installs: I disconnect from internet and turn off my firewall, antivirus and all protection. Then I install and enter registration key. after installation I turn everything back on and reconnect to internet.