Replace Hard Drive in 5045?



Read the interesting thred about replacing the optical drive in this unit and this spurs me to ask about replacing the hard drive.

It would be “fun” to fill up the hard drive and then swap it with a blank one. Hopefully, the full drive could then be attached to the computer for easy and quick transfer or editing.

I wonder if a “new” “blank” hard drive in the stand alone would take the firmware and software updates and be good to go?

Would hard drive compatibility be an issue and if so what hard drive does the Liteon use?



From what I have read before, the LiteOn 5045 uses FAT32 on its internal hard drive. The only thing I am not sure about is if they have any separate parition or section of the hard drive reserved for storing the recorder’s software or if the firmware is specific to the exact hard drive shipped with the recorder. However, as there are LiteOn models without a hard drive (such as the 5005), there is a good chance that the hard drive is strictly used for recordings.

What you can try is connecting up a hard drive without any partition on it. Most PVR’s will display a message saying something like “Hard drive data is corrupt. Do you want to format?”. If this is the case, just proceed with the format and the hard drive will be initialised and should work fine. However, if you get a blank screen or a warning that the hard drive is unrecognised or corrupt without any option to format, then another thing you could try is to make a replica of the original hard drive onto this. In this case, partition the hard drive with a basic primary partition and format it in FAT32. Then make a full copy of the original LiteOn hard drive onto this including all hidden and system files (if any).

As the firmware is intended to be used with the original hard drive, there is a chance that the firmware will only work with a matching 160GB hard drive, so I would recommend going for 160GB hard drive of the same brand and model if you can. :wink:


Good advice re cloning the liteon hard drive to the new replacement drive. That process would also reveal if there is a hidden partition or not.

Gee–I can hardly wait for the warranty to be up==but six months from now, dare I open the case on a unit that is working properly?? My fingers are itching.

I’ll report back.///bobbo.