Replace/Edit/Add DVD subtitles?



I have the show Firefly on DVD on my PC and i want to add Bulgarian subtitles to it. I’ve found a lot of guides of how to add subtitles to a DVD (including one here) but not one seams to fit my case. Since there are 3 episodes on a DVD and an episode seams to be on more than one .VOB file (and the scenes are somehow mixed in the files) can i just replace the existing subtitles (English, French or Spanish) with my Bulgarian subtitles and select them from the original DVD menu?
I am open to any suggestions of how to add the subtitles. I Haven’t worked with DVD authoring programs before and i am new in those things.

Here is a list of the files:

The DVD is copied with DVDFab Platinum.

Any help will be very appreciated!

Sorry if there are mistakes my English is not perfect.


You could try using this guide,

I’ve added subs to an existing DVD,just not to an episodic one…Not sure it’ll work correctly…
You can try by de-muxing (extract the video and audio,and re-encode video with HCEnc to create an .m2v file,then
Use an authoring tool,like DVDauthorGui,and import your.m2v ,audio and external sub,to create new DVD…

I believe(so not sure) with Fab Plat,you can create one VOB,using vob passthrough, and use DGIndex for instance or projectx, to de-mux the video from the one VOB…BTW,you can create one single .VOB with DVDShrink or DVDDecrypter
Perhaps someone else will direct you to an easier method…Good luck!


OK, I’ll check that guide up and then post what i have done.
10x for the help!


I followed the guide u gave me and i managed to add subs only to the first episode… and I have no idea how to add to the other two.

I’ll ask for help there. But any other help here will be very appreciated!


Oh… and i tried DVDauthorGui as you suggested, I get only an error.

anyone else?
I really need to do this.