Replace DVR-111D with...?

I’ve enjoyed my trusty Pioneer DVR-111D for several years now, but I get the sense that it’s not long for this world. Normally I would just upgrade to the next Pioneer drive in the series, but I’ve read scattered opinions that the newest models just aren’t on the same level as the older ones.

I primarily use my drive for: 1) Ripping CDs to FLACs, 2) Ripping DVDs to ISOs, 3) Burning data to Verbatim DVD-R (or video to DVD+R DL media).

After some researching, I’m considering the Pioneer DVR-219 or the Sony Optiarc 7260. Would someone know if either of these drives would be on par with my DVR-111D? Any other drives that I should consider?

Thanks in advance!

You should take a look at the new poll that has been started, listing some of the most popular drives that are available today.

Personally, I’d look at the Samsung SH-S243, though its getting harder to find now. NCIX US has it in stock:

Wow. It seems like the SH-S243 disappeared relatively quickly. What has Samsung replaced it with?

Never mind, it looks like Samsung has almost abandoned the DVD burner market, and has switched to Blu-ray combo burners.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Based on the poll thus far, it looks like the Sony drive may be the way to go… Any reason, specifically related to my purposes, that I should think otherwise?