Replace dvd burner in rh4820v

hello, my lg rh4820 don’t recognize dvds, i’ve allready cleaned with dvd disc cleaner, but the message is “no disc” or “disc unknown”.tried lg support, case but the drive as no name or serial number.can i replace for any dvdrw drive?is it necessary to actualize the firmware?I’ve seen some posts about changing HDD to 120 gb but any about replacing dvd burner.

hello, i know now what drive is’s a as been used in other machines like govideo and seems that its a very problematic unit.i tried lg dual layer and the lg4820 starts but don’t recognize dvd.if somebody knows what dvd drive can i put in to or where can i find a rl-01a please tell me. sorry for the english.

hello, i must replace some components of my dvd recorder…is anyone who wants to sell me his dvd recorder LG RH4820V?
Sam from Italy
p.s. i hope it’s the right section