Replace drive with SOHW-812s



After 5 RMAs of my LVW-5005 I am considering replacing the DVD drive with a SOHW-812s unit, first as a trial with the case open then if no problems I will try to modify the 5005 case. The standard Cheap drive in the 5005 is smaller than the 812s and the 5005s case is hard to work on but I am fed up sending defective units back to receive more bad units. I have an old sony one disk CD player I may use as the new case but a new small cube PC case might be better.

It would be great if I could make a great “5005” out of a 812s drive, 5005 main board and power supply…

But quick and dirty would be to simply use the 812s externely with some small holes cut in the case of the 5005 for the conections.

responses please :bow:

I have two computers with 812s drives and never had a problem with them.


As I mentioned I’m about to do it with my trusty old 832s as soon as I get another burner for my PC. My other burner is a trusty ol 1633s and I like to have 2 burners for quick copying - or + r DVD’s


From coyote hacker’s corner revelations 2

've had a very successful day and I thought it deserved a new topic.

The new LITEON SOHW 1673S is now installed in the box! Talk about hackers corner! After some careful measurements and looking at the differences I decided that the only way to get the new drive to fit, was to saw off the front of the top cover!!! Yup, saw it off. (real hacking) I found with a little cutting of the drive tray front to accommodate the slightly offset notches on the fascia, even that fitted. the front metal earth/retaining plate was re used to hold the drive in place at the front.

The rear fixings were blind, so I thought I would drill some 10 mm holes in the top case to allow me to screw it down. Unfortunately this was impossible, because the fixing points were in the wrong place. I eventually fixed the back down to the posts with some evilly strong double sided tape. The earthling springs were fitted to the back PCB and the case base was left off.

Now I suppose you are wondering why I didn’t just leave the top case off as well. LITEON drives mount the magnetic disc clamp in the top case, so I had no choice but to leave it there. The outer case fits perfectly by the way.

What fun, I thought I have about a 50/50 chance of it not being buggered up. What the hell, it’s knackered anyway, so I lose a couple of hundred quid in all. Even if I had ruined it, I think the operation would have been a success, even if the patient died. Shocked I wouldn’t have given up, I think I would have sourced another drive and tried again.

Honestly, it’s so much better than the pile of crap that was first fitted. the only downside is very minor, the drive tends to spin flat out for about a minute, then it settles down to a sensible speed as the old drive did. For me, who has always been a repairer and modifier of, well anything that is possible, this has been unbelievably satisfying and I am back in the LITEON camp well and truly! (And I managed it without dropping even one screw.)

the more information we have the better.


After you install the new drive is there anything else needed,such as installing drivers?


No additional driver or anything needed - just make sure the 812s has the latest firmware. You should be fine. See the drive change? topic for more guidance on getting it to fit.

Good Luck !!


Finally, a use for the nearly new 812S with 832 firmware I have had on the shelf since I added the 1693. Now all I need is a 5005. Oh well.

BTW, great work guys. Amazing what can be done with a little ingenuity.


Yo chas0039 - welcome to the LiteOn standalone forum - yup we got people doing tricks :bigsmile: The 5005 is now a great machine which can do what a LiteOn drive in a PC can not do…back up DVD’s with CRC errors that can’t be cleaned off… it records whatever plays :iagree: :clap: :bow: