Replace dog with paperclip

is it possible to replace the dog in winodws search option with clippy the papaerclip from office?

thanks for the help.

If you double click on the dog, you will have the option of changing the character. I believe you have three to choose from. As for adding others I have not looked that deep into it.

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hmmm there’s merlin and a lady… where are theses agent files located inxp? maybe i’ll just replace merlin with a clippy file then rename it…maybe it’ll work…?

If it’s the same extension and size maybe. Try it and see.


Mircosoft agent character file.

There’s robby and peedy found here.


Some more here


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i can’t believe i’m having so much fun with these :slight_smile:

EDITED: i’m having trouble locating clippy’s file in office, there are too many files ugh T_T

it works!!!

it even came with a humourous name and description in my language!


name: clippy cool guy (huh?)
description: clippy might be a thin metal rod, but he’ll find everything you want to look for

shoutbox: HA LO!!! what is this word? (is this a pun? aka word T_T)

is clippy’s info already embedded in windows? or does the agent file contain 55 different languages of it?

oh well, enjoy!

I use the pussy cat