Replace CPU fan/heatsink

HP Pavillion a335w

Intel Pentium 4 Northwood Socket 478 mPGA 2.5 GHz

i have received a computer from a friend and the only problem is the CPU fan has a broken clip. i want to replace the fan and heat sink.

is this compatible with my system?

and do i need to buy thermal compound?

thanks troy

i was wondering if the CPU was staying cool enough or over heating. i am using speedfan as suggested by eric93se.

when idle the temp is about 60 to 62 degrees. when running a program such as advanced system care and the CPU is at 100% the temp is about 82 to 86. when running CPU Stability Test [] in normal mode after about 1½ min the temp is over 90 and in CPU warming after 1 min its to 100. :eek:

according to a site i found the max temp is supposed to be 72 :doh:

i think i better get a new fan/heatsink real soon.

using a metal tie from the packing of a kids toy, i tied down the heatsink on the side with the broken clip.

speed fan now reports idle temp around 42 to 44. i ran CPU Stability Test in CPU warming for 6 min and the temp did not go above 70. cool. :slight_smile:

still thinking about replacing it though.