"Replace Block" missing - Customize Start menu

I am trying the demo of DVDReMake.

I found this thru Google: customize start-up menu
It appears to be exactly what I’m looking for, so I grabbed the demo to try it out.

However, step 2 says : [I]Open menu domain of last VTS, right click on frame with start-up menu and select “Replace block…”.


However, when I do this, I don’t have a “Replace Block” option in my menu:

Is this a limitation in the demo version? Is the tutorial for an older version and there’s a new procedure?

Look at step 2 of the guide again. “Replace block” is available when you select the block in the Domain Content pane.

OOOOOOOH!..I was thinking it had to be something silly like that as no matter how many forums i searched on, I couldn’t find annyone else asking the same thing.:o:o:o:o:o