Replace background image Philips DVDR70


Does anybody know how to replace the background image of the standard dvd menu with this recorder?

Maybe a hack when updating the recorder to insert a custom image?

I am tired of that bored Philips background and I want to get it replaced by my own image without editing with a pc.

AFAIK this is impossible. No-one’s reportedly disassembled the firmware.

This was possible on the DVD 700, 710 and related models. I actually downloaded the flashware from a Magnavox site some years ago. I don’t have it anymore though. There was a readme file that specified the permissable size of the image. Maybe you can google it.

Unfortunately this is not likely to be useful for a Philips DVDR70.

Replacing the background is possible in model 77 through the menu. Any still image from a movie can be used. However it seems that low range model (e.g. 70) have some features of the advanced models of the same series removed.